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Both Beowulf and Achilles are motivated by getting glory throughout their journey. Achilles main reason for going to Troy in the first place is to get glory from the people and look almighty. Beowulf is motivated by glory on a smaller scale because he enjoys the attention but stays humble at the same time. Achilles does not try to hide the fact that he thinks he is better than everyone else, even by the way he talks to his commander. “You shameless, profiteering excuse for a commander!

How re you going to get any Greek warrior to follow you into battle again? ‘ (line 1 59 The Iliad) This shows that Beowulf is more selfless than Achilles, he is willing to put his life on the line for a small kingdom while Achilles is worried about himself and how much glory he can obtain in the process. Beowulf and Achilles were both motivated by glory but Achilles turns into anger while Beowulf never once showed that side of him Both of these heroes have enemies throughout their journey. The approach to their villains were quite efferent.

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Beowulf kept his integrity and morals while only killing when necessary, while Achilles slaughtered anybody in his way. The battles that they both had to take on seemed relatively easy for the both of them, this shows the reader how powerful and immortal they really were. It was as if both Beowulf and Achilles were invincible against their enemies until their death turned into fate. Beowulf had to fight off three evils and in the end it took a powerful beast like a dragon to kill him. “A warrior will sooner die than vive a life of shame. (line 2890 Haney) After all of the fighting that Achilles went through it was a mere arrow through the foot from Paris that took his life away. It was almost as if Achilles greedy ways gave him a death that was not fit for his story. Beowulf stood strong with dignity throughout his journey which gave him a death that was quite fitting and worthy of his strength. Beowulf and Achilles both had a major impact on their societies. Beowulf saved the Danes Kingdom from Greened and had a major impact on their ivies, although their society will be doomed without him he still managed to do his part.

Achilles helped the Greeks during the Trojan war and was remembered has a hero by many. The difference is that Beowulf was honored so greatly and will be remembered for the love and compassion he showed for his people. “Nothing we advised could ever convince the prince we loved, our land’s guardian, not to vex the custodian of the gold, let him lie where he was long accustomed, lurk there under earth until the end of the world. He held to his high destiny. Line 3080 Haney) While Achilles was honored and remembered for a few short years but did not make a positive long-lasting effect on his people because he was heartless towards everyone around him, including his own people. The only moment of compassion we see is when Achilles lets Prima have his son’s body back to be honored like he should be. ‘Your son is released sir, as you ordered. He is lying on a pallet. At dawn’s first light you will go see him yourself. ” (line 647 The Iliad) Beowulf and Achilles are both considered heroes but in extremely different ways.

I mind that the only major thing they had in common was that they enjoyed the glory. Beowulf managed to still show honor and dignity in the process of protecting his people. It was more difficult during the Trojan war for Achilles to show compassion and complete his mission at the same time. This goes to show that no matter what period Of time we are in, there will always be a hero for people to look up to. Work Cited Haney, Seams. Beowulf: A New Verse Translation. New York: Farad, Straus, and Group, 2000. Print “The Iliad. ” The Norton Anthology World Literature Volume A.


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