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Poseidon/Neptune: the god of the sea
Narcissus: “sleep, numbness,” a hunter from the territory of Thespiae in Boeotia who was renowned for his beauty. As divine punishment he fell in love with his own reflection in a pool, not realizing it was merely an image, and he wasted away to death, not being able to leave the beauty of his own reflection.

Fates: the “apportioners”,divine daughters of ZEUS and Themis. Their names are: KOLTHO (Clotho), LAKHESIS (Lachesis) and ATROPOS. Klotho spins the thread of life, Lakhesis determines the length of the thread and Atropos cuts the thread when the proper time has come for death. They are also called the Moirai.

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Zeus :is the “Father of Gods and men”, child of Cronus and Rhea
Europa : was a Phoenician woman of high lineage, from whom the name of the continent Europe has ultimately been taken, Zeus was enamored of Europa and decided to seduce or ravish her, the two being near-equivalent in Greek myth. He transformed himself into a tame white bull and mixed in with her father’s herds. While Europa and her female attendants were gathering flowers, she saw the bull, caressed his flanks, and eventually got onto his back. Zeus took that opportunity and ran to the sea and swam, with her on his back, to the island of Crete. He then revealed his true identity, and Europa became the first queen of Crete. Zeus gave her a necklace made by Hephaestus and three additional gifts: Talos, Laelaps and a javelin that never missed. Zeus later re-created the shape of the white bull in the stars, which is now known as the constellation Taurus.

Achilles :Greek hero of the Trojan War, the central character and the greatest warrior of Homer’s Iliad,handsome, he was left vulnerable at the part of the body by which she held him, his heel
Hercules :Alcmene and zeus conceived Hercules. foster son of Amphitryon, This angered Hera and she tried to kill Hercules. Hercules survived his first fatal assault with a miracle. famous warrior, fell in love with a beautiful woman called Megara. the mortal god Hercules killed his family because of Hera,assigned 12 labors to get family back
Tartarus : both a deity and a place in the underworld even lower than Hades, surrounded by the flaming river Phlegethon and triple walls to prevent sinners from escaping from it, There is a pit inside which is said to extend down into the earth twice as far as the distance from the lands of the living to Olympus. At the bottom of this pit lie the Titans
Theseus: was the mythical founder-king of Athens, son of Aethra, and fathered by Aegeus and Poseidon, both of whom Aethra lay with in one night credited as the founder of Athens’s democracy voluntarily turning many of his powers as king over to an elected assembly.helped the poor, wisdom.cousin of Heracles
Saturn: was a major Roman titan of agriculture and harvest, whose reign was depicted as a Golden Age of abundance and peace by many Roman authors. In medieval times he was known as the Roman god of dance, agriculture, justice and strength; he held a sickle in his left hand and a bundle of wheat in his right.
Titans: 12 children of Gaia and Uranus:
Prometheus: is a Titan, the son of Iapetus and Themis, and brother to Atlas, Epimetheus and Menoetius. He was a champion of mankind, known for his wily intelligence, who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals.Zeus then punished him for his crime by having him bound to a rock while a great eagle ate his liver every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day
Ixion: A king of Thessaly who committed parricide and attempted to rape Hera and was punished by Zeus by being bound to a perpetually revolving wheel in Hades. The first murderer of a family member, who killed his father-in-law when he didn’t give him his dowry. Zeus gave him penance, and in return Ixion tried to seduce Hera. Zeus then sent a cloud image, Nefele, which Ixion had his way with.For his ungratefulness Ixion was tied to a rotating wheel of fire, forever turning in the air.


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