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Framework: Human Resource Management

Jenard Fluker MAN 2300-13 Framework: Human Resource Management Everest University Online Framework: Human Resource Management Human Resources Manager (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment, management, and providing direction of the people who work in the organization. Human Resources Manager can also be performed by line managers. Executives expert HR managers to assume a broader role in overall organizational strategy, many of these managers will need to acquire a complementary set of competencies which are: Business mastery. HR professionals need to know the business of their company decisively.

Without knowing the business and task at hand, you would not be able to perform the duties necessary to handle the job. Customer relations are a huge factor when handling your duties as a HRM. Without customers, it would be very difficult to run a business without people buying your services or products. Another thing to understand is to get close to your employees. Team effort and behavior is a valuable part of running a successful business. This requires an understanding of its economic and financial capabilities so that they can become key member of the team of business managers in order to develop the firm’s strategic direction.

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Doing so would contribute to the necessary procedures that require you to become a more prioritized HR. It also requires that HR professionals develop skills at external relations focused on their customers. HRMs like to enhance their knowledge on what their companies need in their by looking outside from the inside so to speak. Human Resources mastery. HR professionals are the organization’s behavioral science experts. HR professionals should develop expert knowledge in the areas of staffing, development, appraisals, rewards, team building, and communication.

Change mastery. HR professionals have to be able to manage change processes so that their firms’ HR activities are effectively merged with the business needs of their organizations. This involves interpersonal and problem-solving skills, as well as innovativeness and creativity. Personal credibility. HR professionals must establish personal credibility in the eyes of their internal and external customers. The reactive change (change that occurs after external forces have already affected performance) was introduced and implemented in my workplace.


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