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Foster Care Negative

The Truth About Foster Care Foster care is perceived as a way to separate children from possible harm or neglect. It is a government program for The Child Protective Services to provide a temporary, or permanent, home for minors. In the program people are hired to care for children they are assigned and they receive compensation for their efforts. This is similar to a children’s home, where children in need stay in a large facility together, but the children in foster care are not always treated as a child should be. Also, the foster parents are not always the people they seem to be. Foster care is a good concept, but states instinctively are forced to use the foster care system, it unnecessarily separates children from any family members who are fit to care for them, kids do not have a voice or choice in where they are put, and the children can come into contact with unnecessary harm.
Putting a child into a foster home is most often the first instinct or action of the state. As it is shown in a statistic of children in foster care by type of placement, only twenty-four percent of children get placed with their relatives, and nearly half, forty-eight percent, are placed in foster care ( U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). So with this happening in a repetitive manor, the state is starting to run out of stable foster homes and budget to keep the ones that they do have maintained. Although, if the state has enough kids in foster care to qualify, the federal government will raise the budget for that state, but if the state starts to try to resolve conflict in families instead of placing the children in foster care, and the number of children in foster care drop, so does the budget. This can lead to children unnecessarily being placed into the foster care program. It is stated in an article written on foster care and family,
“The $23 billion cost of child welfare nationally was split roughly 50/50 between the states… and the federal government…


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