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Formal letter

65 Asperger road
Hanger lane
DA6 4BU5 December 2011Customer Relations officer
Virgin Atlantic- Customer Relations
PO Box 747
LU6 9AHDear Sir/Madam
Re- Letter of Complaint
I have been a long time customer of your airline for five years, and I have never had anycause tomake a complaint about any of your services, but sadly, I recently had a bad experience with your company which to a great extent troubles me.
I just came back from holiday last week Saturday, upon arrival when I went to collect my luggage I was told that my luggage is missing and they are still trying to sort things out. I was at the airport for five hours waiting for the lost luggage but to no success. I went home without my luggage and I have been your office three times but nothing was forth coming.
The last time I was at your office, the customer service attendant who attended to me was quite rude and she would not let me voice out my concern. I have never witnessed such an unprofessional treatment before, and this experience made me have a second thought about your company’s services and your employees.
Your company has been a brilliant one up to this point, so I am keeping this in mind and hoping you will rectify this problem as soon as possible. I hope you take this complaint seriously and look into the matter as soon as possible, and please I want the issue of my lost luggage sorted out fast.
Enclosed is a copy of my flight ticket for the period my luggage went missing. Please contact me at the address above or my email.
Yours FaithfullySandy


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