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For Or Against School Uniform

Good or Bad Idea
The head teacher of a local primary school is thinking of introducing a school uniform.
.Can uniforms really make a difference to a child’s academic performance.

. Would uniforms infringe on the child’s creativity and self expression
. Clothes don not make the child
Reasons For
School uniforms can put the emphasis on school work instead of dressing in designer wear. It may also help lower to lower school violence. In a time when school children are getting assaulted for designer jackets and shoes, uniforms may be exactly what is needed. Uniforms can also help to identify outsiders within a school. Drug dealers would have to wear uniforms in order to be able to roam the school grounds without being spotted.
The uniforms can also help parents to save money. Designer clothes are expensive and a student would need to have at least five different outfits to wear to school. Where a child wearing uniform would only need two sets of clothes. School uniform also help to to erase lines between the social classes. Since all students will be dressed alike, it will be impossible to tell the difference from a student from a low income and one from a high income family.

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Reasons Against
Arguments against school uniforms believe school uniforms will lessen children’s individualism and creativity. It will infringe on students rights. Students have very little say in the daily routine of their lives, so deciding what to wear is one of the few methods students have to control their lives. Clains have been made that school uniforms enforce conformity rather than individuality.

Some reasons given by students who do not wish to wear a school uniform.

Doses not allow freedom of expression
No Choice
Can’t wear logos
I will look like everyone else
Not my style
Limited colour and fabric
Anoher claim is, if you take away a child’s self expression through clothing, you force that child to express his or herself in other ways. This might even force a child to resort to even more violent forms of expression and continue to disrupt the class.

In today’s society, students are fighting each other in schools because of ther students that wear rival gang colours and clothing. Children whose parents cannot afford designer clothes are automatically put out of the in crowd and they may feel unhappy and left out. A school uniform would mean students would not be judged by what they wear, instead they will be judged on their personality.
Can uniforms make a difference? It may be a start. Uniforms will give all stuents a chance to fit in regardless of their social background. They will also take the students focus off having the right clothes and put it back on having the right attitude.

I feel school uniforms are a good idea because, they help the students to keep focused on academics and improve their behaviour. Even after school hours, while they are in their school uniform, they would be easily identified as a member of the school.However, we cannot let the term free country becoming meaningless by taking away more and more student choices. If students are unable to express themselves through their clothing, we must be sure to provide alternative forums for students to develop a sense of self.
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