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First Impression

Eric Zavala
English 101
Professor Terry Benjamin
14 September 2014My First Impression in English 101
The first day in my English 101 class has brought me excitement and eagerness that will help me to be successful in the class. Unlike the other English classes I took I find English 101 as entertaining and something to look forward every day. The best part of English 101 is that this class can allow me to show my strengths and weakness of reading and writing. English 101 provides me with a great opportunity to improve on my writing skills, which is an area I need assistance. My first impression of English 101 is that it can be beneficial to students, including myself who are seeking improvements in making my writing better, it will allow me to make my vocabulary to expand by reading books and will help me to accomplish my expectations in the class.
My first impression of English 101 is that it can benefit myself by improving on my writing and making me a better writer. Writing essays and research paper has been considered one of my weakness subject because of my organization and grammar usage that is affecting my writing. As a writer, I bunched my ideas everywhere and there is no sense what I want to write about. On the other hand, one of my strengths of writing is that I can write a clear thesis statement and my brainstorming is well written. English 101 is a class that will prepared me to become a improve writer and will allow me to receive the assistance of students who will be happy to help my writing and make it better. Due to my professor expectations of English 101, I understand that in order for myself to improve on my writing I must show effort and dedication to my writing. This English class will provide me a great opportunity to express my ideas of writing and provided the help of my fellow peers who needs my assistance to become successful.
Expanding on vocabulary is an important key component that will help a student to improve on…


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