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First Encounter

My Encounter With Zumba
Zumba, is a Latin based course where you learn to combine dance and aerobics, in which, it becomes an extreme workout. After doing just one hour of Zumba, you may lose up to 1,000 calories! Crazy, huh? Why not try it with someone who knows what they’re doing and can give you an inside scoop. This is my journey.
Upon arriving to studio fiesta, notice all different kinds of people who were there; Different age, different ethnicity, and even different genders. About 25 percent of people there greeted one another while the rest began getting ready for the class to begin. About 80 percent of the people there had water bottles, in which, more than half were plastic deer park bottles. After about 10 minutes after 7, the instructor finally arrived. She had a huge smile on her face and began to greet about 90 percent of the people there. She knew more than half the peoples name and asked if they were ready to begin the session.
Looking around, every single person in that dance room had a smile on their face. Whether they were talking to someone and just smiling, or whether they were greeting someone, everyone looked happy to be there. Only about 25 percent began to stretch before the instructor got up on her stage in front of everyone. Once the music began to play, it was time to begin. As the instructor began her dance moves, every person in that room copied those movements.
About 75 percent of the people got the moves the instructor was doing right off the bat. When the instructor would yell certain moves she was getting ready to do, that 75 percent, did them on cue with the instructor. Meanwhile, the other 25 percent struggled a bit, but watched and then got the hang of it, until it was time to begin a different step. It definitely separated the veterans from the rookies of Zumba.
In only one hour, there was a variety in the music played in the class. There was pop music, hip-hop music, but it…


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