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Final Group Presentation (50 Points)

To demonstrate a meaningful and philosophical inquiry into our course
topics, or a related topic (begin with premises, employ methods and discern
a model) in an informal class presentation.

You, as a group, will be “creating” a philosophical perspective! YOU are
the philosophers! (
STEP ONE: Choose a Topic
1. Metaphysics (What is “real”?)
2. Epistemology (What is “truth”?)
3. Will/Choice (Why do we do what we do?)
4. Consciousness (What the heck is happening here?)
5. Combination of any of the above
6. One of your own making, needs my OK
STEP TWO: Create Your Premises, based on your creative use of our primary
As a group, create 4 or 5 base assumptions you have concerning your topic.

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Review our past philosophers and “borrow” selected bits and pieces from

STEP THREE: Choose Secondary Resources:
Discuss and aim to include at least one of the following secondary class
V The Optimism Bias by Tali Sharot
V Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud
V The Grande Illusion by Susan Blackmore
V Video Clips and Ted Talks shown in class or listed on our course
V Your own resources
STEP FOUR: Choose your Methods/Philosophical Techniques:
Select two methods below to move from your premises (do not try to control
what you say, let the methods lead you to new perspectives).

1. Dialectics
2. Descartes’ General Method
3. Method of Doubt
4. Deductive Method
5. Genealogical Method
6. Reverse Perspective
7. Revaluation of Values
STEP FIVE: Acknowledge Your Model:
By the end of your presentation, you should be able to acknowledge a model
to which you and/or your group place your inquiry: Teleological, Eternal
Return, combination, or other? Your premises and where you move from them
should help you discern or demonstrate the design of your model (the frame
of assumptions within your premises).

STEP SIX: Create Your Presentation
Strive for clarity, avoid fragmented information, and make a presentation
that will interest your audience without compromising the strength of your
inquiry. Visual Required!
Creative approaches are encouraged. Engage your audience and have fun!
(Yeaah, without compromising the academic value of your work)
Presentations will be given on our final meeting date (check course
schedule). Attendance is required. If you must be absent this day, please
see me as soon as possible.

. Overall, provide clarity, cohesion, creative thinking with sound
inferences AND educational entertainment!
. Utilize specific philosophical terminology as appropriate
. Make clear your premises
. Acknowledge borrowings from other philosophers, thinkers
. Show us how you employed your methods
. Use a visual or hand-outs to strengthen your presentation
. Come to some sort of new angle with which to view these topics
. Presentation must be about 15 minutes and must clearly present your
topic, highlighting the more interesting parts of your process.


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