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360 Feedback

Using this information design a straightforward 360 degree questionnaire and obtain Feedback from at least 5 people.In order to reflect on my own personal management style I began analysing the data collated from the 360 degree feedback form.
I will firstly critically analyse the data received from a senior member with regards to implementing an action plan for the purposes of solution it was indicated that this is area of weakness.I need to analyze the way I tackle planning defining problems in more specific terms helping me set goals and targets.
I must use strategies to enable me to implement resources and get the appropriate people to help and assist me when needed.
As a course coordinator I have the ability to influence change on my course addressing assessment and delivery methods to enhance the course and the learning experience which Action planning will assist me in evaluating a solution.“It is important for the manager to know what strategic planning is not; it is not a box of tricks, a bundle of techniques it is analytical thinking and commitment of resources to action”.
Management,2007,pg123.Another area highlighted for development was passive communication. It was suggested by A senior manager that I was often dismissive when conducting two way communication during discussions, Information not only to learner’s but to my colleagues needs to be delivered at the correct level and in the right way., communication is far more effective when delivered in an enthusiastic and dynamic way when the opportunity arises.
When using simple Transmission of data I would use email and predominantly verbal communication, In order to communicate more complex data I would use focus groups, presentation as this will enable me to operate more efficiently as a passive communicator taking on board thoughts and ideas of not only colleagues but students.As P F Druker supports “for effective communication managers must be…

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