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Expressing the Human Condition Through Literature

Chayton Martino. Period 6. 6/3/2011 Expresseing The Human Condition Through Literature. More broadly, it captures people. It’s used to definenations ; time periods. Just like performing ; visual arts, literary art is a form of expression, specifically 1 of humans. Authors ; poets give voice to many, raise questions unthought of, ; challenge external forces, including writing techniques/ genres as well as society. Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest satirizes Victorian England. Slaughterhouse-Five poses ideas about time. The Sick Rose” kind of attacks a woman for not being a virgin. Shakespeare pours his view on love into “Sonnet 116. ” The Greeks used their plays to depict their myths. Literature is by people to arouse something within others &/or express themselves. It IS people, just in words. Literature, from my perspective, is a way to get people to think. Literature can be used as a form of expressio, that humans can relate to. Authors of Literature can make the reader come to realizations that otherwise would not have been thought of. Greek plays depicted and explained their myths.

What I like about literature is that it brings up ideas, questions and thoughts that you would never have experienced in the first place. It educates you in a sense. Some pieces of literature you might relate to, those that you don’t, they might educate you and bring you new ideas. In To Kill a Mockingbird I think the main… “ubjectiv” of the story is contrasting good or “evil” persons. Originally Scout and Jem, being children, don’t really see people as bad, or “evil. ” This changes to a adult view, They have crossed evil and learn to understand it.

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