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Alternative treatments for autism are a major hot topic in the autism community. Some doctors and parents believe that very few are beneficial while others believe that these treatments are better than the major medications that many doctors put autistics on every day. In the end it is up to the patient or their parents to make the decision as to which treatment to every day. In everything from treatment options to the education of my child I am constantly dealing with people who don?t quite agree with how I chose to deal with the everyday issues.In the treatment area I have chosen to go with a more holistic method in general. My son takes an array of vitamins and nutritional supplements. Most of the traditional doctors disagree with this because of concerns of how many ?pills? a child takes with this treatment plan. They also worry about these children ?overdosing? on the vitamins. I have found that if you have a good doctor and nutritionist that can educate a patient or parent on the proper dosage the issue can resolve itself. Another alternative treatment method that is popular these days is behavior modification therapy. This treatment has several names and variations depending on the specialist one chooses to use. Not long ago this treatment was thought by many ?traditional? physicians to be ineffective for autistic children. Today it is the most widely accepted treatment therapy. I believe the only way to get doctors to accept the new treatment methods is for autistics and their parents to research all possible treatment routes and make informed decisions as to which treatments may or may not work for them. There are some treatment methods that from studies can be very dangerous to these children as well. The main method that is debated in the Ethics community of autism is chelation therapy. This treatment seems to be used by those who believe that mercury and heavy lead poisoning cause autism. Most often these parents are desperate to ?cure? their child of autism. In the use of chelation therapy the metals are forcefully removed from the body. Some parents have reported amazing changes in their children after the therapy is complete. While there are some major side effects such as, liver disease, kidney disease, and possible death. Parents in the past were ignorant to these side effects but are more knowledgeable of them and in the end it is their decision as to what decision to make on this treatment.

Many ?traditional? doctors are proponents of the treatment method of medication. The same doctors that disagree with a parent using vitamins and minerals have no problem prescribing the same person major medications such as Ritalin, Risperdal, Prozac, and even Lithium. Again it is up to the parent or patient as to whether or not to use these medications. My question to the doctors is, how can you tell me I am putting my child’s life at risk by using natural vitamins and minerals when you want to put him on major anti-psychotics?

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