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eth 125 final

Final Exam-ETH/125
Multiple Choice (65 questions – 100 points total possible)
Choose the most correct answer. Where there is a conflict, the text is the final source. Please write letter next to number. Part A: (Weeks 1 -3 )
___D__1 .A subordinate group whose members have significantly less control or power over their own lives than do the members of a dominant group are called a:
a. Ethnic group
b. Racial group
c. Majority group
d. Minority group
_D___2 Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a minority group a. It is physically and/or culturally distinctive.
b. Membership is involuntary
c. It is treated unequally by the dominant group
d. It is outnumbered by the dominant group.
___D__3 A member of a subordinate minority group experiences a narrowing of life opportunities in which of the following areas a. Education
b. Wealth
c. The pursuit of happiness
d. All of the above _C___4 Subordinate group membership may be based on _______________ group membership.
a. occupational
b. educational
c. religious
d. All of the above.
__C__5 With respect to minority group membership, which of the following groups experiences “double jeopardy”?
a. Black men
b. Jewish men
c. Black woman
d. White men
_B___6 Race continues to be important to people because:
a. It is a useful way of biologically distinguishing people from each other.
b. people have historically been taught to think of it as important.
c. It allows experts to distinguish between slow learners and fast learners
d. It helps scientists track disease and disease resistance __B__7 Which sociological perspective would maintain that racist beliefs discourage subordinate groups from attempting to question their lowly status a. Conflict perspective
b. Functionalist perspective
c. Labeling approach
d. institutionalist perspective
__C__8 Which sociological perspective points.


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