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Essay on English

Wherever I turn, wherever I see, English is in front of me English has become the most important language all over the world. It is everywhere and you can’t avoid it, even if you try to. It is everywhere you turn, everywhere you look and everywhere you listen. To understand and be understood in this world, you have to know English, and you will not come far if you don’t. In this essay I am going to write about how International English affects our daily lives and why it will play an important role in our future.

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I hear is music on my radio. This music has English language, even though it often is Norwegian singers. Then I go to the bathroom and use different product with English names and instruction. When I go down to make myself breakfast I see several English words on the wrapping of the Norwegian spread. During this little hour my head has already been filled with English language. At school I have 5 hours of English every week, and when I am doing research in other subjects as well I often come across English websites and read them instead.

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These pages contain a lot more data and also more reliable information about a theme. They are also easier to come across, because there are more people who write English, than Norwegian on the Internet. I believe that most of the English I come across is the one I find on the Internet and the one I watch on television. On the Internet I visit websites like facebook, hotmail, youtube ect. , who all have English language, in addition to the English pages I visit while studying. The programs and movies I watch on television are rare Norwegian.

They have Norwegian subtitles but English as the speaking language. Also many of the books I read are written in English. Many of them have been translated into Norwegian, but I choose to read them on English because there are so many translations in several books that I dislike. In short, I see and hear a lot of English every single day without noticing it. But one thing is to read and hear it, another thing is to use it and make yourself understand and to be understood. On our travels outside of Norway we don’t come far without knowing English.

When you travel with your parents you can rely on them and avoid using the language, but once you are out there on your own, you have to speak by yourself. How do you think you will manage to find you hotel, order food or by something without knowing how to speak English. They don’t understand Norwegian, and you certainly don’t understand their mother tongue. Then you have to use English, and if one of you doesn’t know it you will face some communication problems. In the future I think that I will use English much more than I do today.

I have a small dream of studying outside of Norway, and then I will have to use English. There will be classes taught in English, books in English and examinations in English. My classmates and friends will, in most cases, probably not be Norwegian, which means that I have to speak English to them as well. After my studying resident in a different country, I will hopefully manage to get a good and important job. In this job I have to communicate and cooperate with people around the world, using English.

Also when I travel in the future, business or pleasure, I will have to use English to communicate with people. I believe that we are being exposed to much more English, than what we think we are. If you start thinking about it and noticing it, you will see that it is everywhere. You see it on television, your computer, the music you listen to, the products you buy and so many other places as well. But I actually think that this is a good thing, because we all need English to get ahead in this world.

Even those who don’t bother to learn it, faces it every day and unconsciously picks up different words and sentences, so they can make themselves understood outside of Norway. I think that it is important to learn English for those who want to make something big. They have to study and communicate with the world outside, and then it is important to know good English. So I take in all I can find and learn from it, so I will have better chances to be someone important in the future.


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