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ESL Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan
Class level Starters 2ai Lesson Date 11 May 2014
Class room Perth Lesson duration 2 hours
Topic Skills Time, My Feelings
Progress expectation Ss correctly identify and use
Subject Language
Aim To identify
Objective To correctly use
Knowledge Assumed Ss understand
Material & equipment Whiteboard, markers, student worksheets, iPad
Learning assessment Concept checking during class spoken and written work
Post lesson notes Phase Subject Duration Teacher activity Student activity Resources
1 Warm up 10 mins Teacher gets class to stand and find individual space.
Teacher explains ‘Simon Says’, activity Students listen to ‘Simon’s instructions’. If they don’t follow instruction correctly, they must sit down.
2 Presentation
Vocabulary 10 mins
Teacher asks students to look at tablet and note the eight vocabulary words that are displayed.T drills words chorally x 5 and individually x2, Teacher points to picture on tablet, asks randomly for correct word.
Students look, listen and say the words.Students match the pictures and words and pictures. PowerPoint
4 Presentation
Presentation 3Vocabulary and grammar 10 mins10 mins Teacher explains the use of abbreviated verb forms, ie I am – I’m, He is – he’s. T gives examples of’ abbreviated forms.Write examples on whiteboard.Listening
Listen and numberSpeaking point, ask and answer SS read examples on white board.Discuss with partner.
“Danny, please read the first example and use the correct form.”SS listen and number correct responseSs discuss. Form 2 groups, point to correct response on whiteboard
Student book
Marker pens
Student book p19

SB p 19
Track 27
Laser pointerStudy
5 Practice 1…

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