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Technology become more important in society than it was before. It brings us many benefits, but it also has drawbacks to our communication. In the article “Is technology harming our communication skills” written by M.Fraggle and published on April 8 2012 , in Northern Lowa News, the author shows some disadvantages of technology in human abilities and personal relationships. This essay will critically analyze strong and weak arguments of her point.
According to the author, technology help us communicate faster and more easily. However, it also harms to solving ability and personal conection. First, she states that people find it hard to deal with a problem when communicating directly. Second, the real connections with others are being buried by a thousand of technical services
It may be true when the author say that people prefer using computer or phone to solve problems to confronting face to face. However, what she fails to mention is that technology is not really a fault because words by mouth directly are not always the best way to express your feeling or opinions. Especially with the hot- tempered person, a high-degree conversation may give rise to worse situation because they can be easily lose their control when they are arguging with other people.
The author is right to assert that beside briging people closer together, technology are damaging our personal relationships. As we can see, today, it is hard to find a cosy atmosphere in restaurants or coffee shops because people are interrupted with the phone call , text message or social website ‘s notifications. The author also gives good example of distance in family when some members just focus on computer screen or smart phones, tablet.
In conclusion, Mrs. Fraggle make a good point about the destruction of private relationships in society . However, she overgenerlizes that technology make our ability of solving problems decrease. Overall, her article is persuasive because she gives…


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