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Effects of Advertising on Positive and Negative

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report will cover the role of advertising in society in New Zealand. I will introduce what is advertising, what type of advertising use often in New Zealand with diagram to explain. What is process of change for advertising. There are positive and negative points of advertising, which means effects of advertising for people and organization in society. And describe detail for the positive and negative. Advertising must be two sides of the argument.

It was a commercial measure of advertising, we cannot introduce something or products without advertising, that’s advance technology all over the world, that’s communication would be fast transfer information in the marketing. Good advertising will profit for organization and customer, also is enjoying optic advertising, so much benefits on the advertising, put excellent concept and culture on advertising. But bad advertising will lost for organization, also negative influent people, particular people who under 18, could be education, health, psychology or something.

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There are tree example to explain what are effects of advertising on positive and negative, such as Alcohol advertising, Car advertising, Laptop advertising, and also are myself opinions. There are suggests for advertising of development, how to improve advertising be successful. How can we improve advertising be positive effects more and more in the future. How to develop creative advertising. 1. 0 INTRODUCTION “Advertising” When we talk about this word, we are figure out straight TV.

Actually, advertising doesn’t just mean advertise on TV, and advertising includes poster in bus shelters, billboards in the street of right side and left side, merchandise like t-shirts and bags, alcohol-branded giveaways, signs on supermarket shelves and in bars and clubs, price specials, radio promotions, packaging of bottles and cans and so on, just about any public display of a brand’s logo is a kind of advertising. (health, 2006) The advertising has been changing.

Many years ago, we don’t have advance teachnologies all over the world, we just write down kind of key words on the papers, someone take the billboard of papers show information to somebody, that means advertising. Then, we are developing all the way, people who invent phone, television, internet, newspaper or something like hi-tech, we have more and more widest advertising in the world. In 2007, the largest number of complaints were received about television advertisiong in New Zealand. Above diagram. (Authority, 2011) 2. ADVERTISING EFFECTS Advertising is paid, non-personal communication that is designed to communicate in a creative manner, through the use of mass or information-directed media, the nature of products, services, and ideas. Advertising like coin has two sides on here, one thing is positive, other is negative. We have to balance it, control the concept of advertising show people. Different advertising has different effects, purpose. We cannot live without advertising in the life, wherever we can say advertising around the world.

Advertising may influence consumers in many different ways, but the primary goal of advertising is to increase the probability that consumers exposed to an advertisement will behave or believe as the advertiser wishes. (Licensors, 2011) 2. 1 Positive 1. Provide information to people, and build a relationship between provider and customer. Basic function is helping people know information from it. Customer can know what logo, brand, capability, function, price or something from advertising. 2. Increase consumption, increase demand. A good advertising will be attracting interest of costumer, influent desire of purchase. . Improve competition, development and promotion. It was one important way to competition in market by companies. When a new product will come into the market, it’s difficult to sell products if people don’t know the name, purpose, price or something. So, advertising is really useful for organization. 4. Introduction, direction. Introduce new products to people and guidance people purchase it. So many same products come into the market, just different brand. And good advertising will straight tell customer which one would be best choice. 5. Positive our life, nurture emotion. Actually, ood advertising is art. Some creativity and innovation will be show up. Lovely background, music, amazing skill of design, influent people better. We can learn new ideas and innovation from advertising. 2. 2 Negative 1. Cheating. Some provider and advertiser didn’t show true information of products to people, overstate product’s capability, misdirect customer trade, and some advertising in order to cheating for people. Actually, it’s totally different when you purchase, is not reality description of advertising. 2. Is not good for society when the advertising has bad concept and disgusting behavior.

Not only exist lovely pictures and words. Influent people whom fewer than 18. 3. Advertising easily lead to vicious competition, waste of corporate financial and material resources. In order to expand sales and marketing, competition among enterprises in the commodity economy in the inevitable economic and social. 4. Increase fee of advertising, and put the fee on cost of product, people will be burden. In order to profit in the market for organization, they are going to invest advertising more and more, but customer feel burden. 5. Abuse advertising will be pollution.

The same advertising of products show on TV, Internet, newspapers so many times. Waste of time and resources of environmental, influent people’s life. 3. 0 ILLUSTRATION 3. 1 ALCOHOL ADVERTISING IN NEW ZEALAND http://www. telegraph. co. uk/health/healthnews/5721919/Alcohol-advertising-should-be-banned-British-Medical-Association-says. html It is really widespread for alcohol advertising in New Zealand. The alcohol advertising is public show anytime on TV, Internet, billboard, text of phone, or something. What’s the effects of alcohol advertising?

For example: An alcohol advertising, there is a person who is biking on the mountain, suddenly, his bike broken, he was lost brake, and then he had fall in scrap, but he was life and lie down highroad, then a truck crash he, but he didn’t die, he was lucky, nothing happened to him, suddenly, a huge aerolite fall from sky to him, but he still life. Why? What happen to him? Because the king of terrors was drinking alcohol, forgot his job. 3. 1. 1 Positive Some kind of alcohol advertising is not good for people who under 18 age. They would buy a lots of alcohol to drink.

They will be interest on those advertising of alcohol. 2. And it will be boring when some alcohol advertising show high frequency, influent people do some important things. 3. 1. 2 Negative On the other hand, Alcohol advertising helps people understand sort of common sense of alcohol in the life. 2. And alcohol advertising will increase our skill of observe around it. 3. Doctors say 60-70 ml of whisky per day is good for heart; maybe minimum of alcohol is good for people in the life. 4. Alcohol advertising will stimulate consumption, increasing level of expense and increase revenue from people. . 1. 3 Self-Opinion From my point of view, I don’t think influent people who under 18 from alcohol advertising, whether young people would buy the alcohol or not from point of themselves, and also parents must be responsibility on here, good parents will education and warning children for alcohol. The alcohol advertising is a way of stimulates consumption, it will increase income and help government earning, alcohol advertising helps people know some knowledge and information of alcohol, and improve self-cultivation. 3. 2 CAR ADVERTISING IN NEW ZEALAND ttp://www. crzforum. com/forum/honda-cr-z-news-rumours-updates/647-honda-cr-z-advertising. html It was attraction for people when some advertising of car shows up. We cannot do anything without car, that’s really important vehicle in our life. What’s the effect of car advertising in New Zealand? For example: Toyota advertising, no great music, no beautiful background, just in farm, there is a truck of Toyota, so much power on this truck. Some one driven this car to help many people by means of power of truck, that’s so convenient and useful.

And some funny happened, course the Toyota truck too much power. 3. 2. 1 Positive Some one will say, 1. We can learn benefits and knowledge from those advertising of car, we can know the different brand of car all over the world. 2. The car advertising show people what capability of car they have, and it show people what skill of design they have. 3. We can know how much brainpower in the car? And what’s value on the car? And how much safety on the car? 4. Increase incomes from advertising, is better to competition in the market. . 2. 2 Negative Some negative points on here. 1. The car advertising influent young people, they will buy car to drive fast, some car is really fast drive in the advertising, so reflect how much speed for this car, show up ability of speed. 2. Some car will drift in advertising show people how much power it has, straight influent people buy this car to practice skill of drift car with cool. 3. Perhaps, some car advertising is not true, is overstate appearance in the society, misdirect customer purchase. 3. 2. 3 Self-Opinion

In my opinion, car advertising just like performance, we just optic know by means of advertising, good advertising will be easy transfer more information to people, we’ll easy understand what it is objects. Car advertising influent young people, could be one way of overstate description as possible, such as car can be flying, competition speed with battle plan, the totally responsibility belong to advertiser or designer, they didn’t design reality life, in order to impact of advertising. We can learn best useful information is how much convenience of function on the car.

So, my viewpoint is car advertising more positive than negative. 3. 3 LAPTOP ADVERTISING IN NEW ZEALAND http://bindapple. com/cheap-macbook-pro-laptops/ People cannot live without Internet and computer in 21 century. There are several of advertises of laptop in New Zealand. What are effects of advertising of laptop? What are purposes from advertising of laptop? 3. 3. 1 Positive The laptop advertising describe new concept of laptop and stronger power laptop to people, we can know it clearly. 2. A good advertising will be increasing quantity of distribution, some people will buy in order to the advertising. 3.

The advertising is not only influent people, but also will get effects of organization, which means totally appearance products, improve organization’s brand and reputation. 4. Good advertising language make people remember much long time, and hear the language as soon as recall what products it is 3. 3. 2 Negative If bad laptop advertising will introduce wrong of points, like the laptop have good strong power for game, it can play sort of games on here, that’s not really good for young people. 2. Bad laptop advertising too much flash of screen, that’s boring, no attraction, so no body focus on this product. . Some laptop advertising say, buy one get something free, that’s one measure to sell promotion for people, actually, we already pay those free stuff invisible, sounds like cheating, that’s absolutely trick on advertising. 3. 3. 3 Self-Opinion As far as I know, I don’t think most of laptop advertising are positive effects, it was cheating by means of advertising, advertising is not really show what the product use for, perhaps just show how beautiful appearance of the laptop, where is capability of products? Some laptop advertising is very complex, is difficult to understand.

Too many introduce part of games, can influent young people. Besides the laptop of apple company advertising, that’s amazing. Clear understand what them introduction, simple appearance of advertising, regular process of advertising, very enjoy it. That’s too much difference when we compare some laptop advertising with advertising of Apple’s company. 4. 0 CONCLUSION It’s an oversimplification to say that the purpose of advertising is to sell a product. This is certainly true but there are other applications, depending on who the client or sponsor is.

Political parties advertise, as do special interest groups, religious organizations, government agencies, health care organizations and charities. Commercial advertising works to inform as well; “branding” strategy in advertising attempts to create a positive impression by associating particular qualities with a product. Carefully calculated language and images are used to stress a product’s desirable qualities as a means of influencing consumer choice; effective advertising persuades. (website, 2011) 5. 0 Recommendation How to develop creative advertising? Simplicity is the Best Policy – Even if creative organization, them doesn’t have to add creativity at every step as it might not give a very good look together. Simplicity has to be the most important thing but it is the most ignored thing by most of the creative people. In order to make everything perfect, people tend to go over the board and then even the creativity does not make sense. Simple things can catch the visitor’s attention too. (Mirza, 2011) •Product or Benefit – A visitor or viewer would only want to buy your product if he sees some sort of benefit in that product for him.

While they are making an advertising campaign, make sure that their creativity sells the benefits of the product and not the product. (Mirza, 2011) •Importance of Colors – Audiences do not like to see dull advertisements on TV channels or in magazines. At times colors can become identification of the brands for instance red color is mostly associated with red color. It does not matter if they making a commercial for TV or if they are advertising in print media, you need to use bold and beautiful colors to make their ad look beautiful and to grab the attention as well. (Mirza, 2011)


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