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Effect of video games on Children

Javier Espinal
Ms. Cartwright
05 May 2010
English 1
Revolution of Video Games
Video games, believe it or not, serve as a beneficial social and psychological effect on teens and children. There have been many discussions and conflicts that say that video games influence children in a negative way. It is impossible to say that violent video games do not negatively influence children because they do, but it is possible to say that some video games do have a positive influence on children. Even though many parents might disagree with this statement, there is specific evidence that shows how video games, positively affect children. Therefore, video games that are commonly seen as an activity that hurts children’s brains are actually a very helpful resource for children because with new motion technology, kids are able to stay fit, discipline themselves, and have fun with inexpensive consoles.
When kids are young they need someone to guide them in the right direction, especially when it comes to video games. There have been false rumors that say that children begin to fail in school if they play video games but there is specific evidence that debunks this theory. First of all, video games are an incentive for children to finish their homework if the correct rules are setup; meaning that children are not allowed to play for more than a certain amount of time and that parents are aware of how much time they play. Another reason is because many schools have been noticing ho well children participate when they play video games and as the Time article says, “Schools are now beginning to use video games” (Times Article). Many people disagree just because many parents don’t know how to discipline their children on how to play and just let them play all day long. If parents would make an effort to really take the perspective of a child they might see how joyful it is to play a video game. According to Mike Masnick’s studies they show that “43% of parents with…


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