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Educating Young Entrepreneurs

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Week 1 Individual WorkEducating Young Entrepreneurs Assignment Instructions |
To complete this assignment: 1. View the video “Education Young Entrepreneurs” – TED Talk by Cameron Herold and respond to the question below. 2. Use the shaded boxes for your answers. They expand to accommodate your writing. 3. Reflect on the information presented in this week’s lesson and provide an insightful response to each question using several complete sentences. 4. Each answer should be detailed and contain a minimum of 3 sentences 5. An example of an excellent response is given for you. |
Save and Submit to Dropbox |
1. Save your work as a Microsoft Word 2010 (.docx) file that includes your name, course code, and title in the file name. For example: JaneSmith_MAN1030_Week1.docx. 2. To submit your assignment, go to the Dropbox and click “Submit Assignment.” 3. Click on the drop-down menu to select the Week 1: Individual Work basket in the Dropbox. |Objective: Describe the foundation of a business. EXAMPLE: Why or why not would you consider being an entrepreneur? |
Example answer: Because it is an opportunity that rewards you for your individual talent, effort and performance – and could care less about religion, gender, skin color, social class, national origin, and the like – it would allow me to pursue and realize my dreams, and if I fail, I can try again. I can seek opportunities that match who I am, what I love, what I want to be, and how and where I want to live. |
1. Compare and contrast your life experiences with those of Cameron Herold in the video Educating Young Entrepreneurs – TED Talk by Cameron Herold. Write a brief paragraph discussing why you would or would not consider being an entrepreneur. |
Why I would not become an entrepreneur is a person needs to have the right disposition,…


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