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Economic Speech

Hello ladies and gentlemen, do you know what the national debt is? It’s a approximately $17 trillion dollars and it keeps growing by $2.7 billion dollars a day. That’s outrageous! Don’t you think? And there seems like there is no way of stopping it but I have three potential solutions that could really help.  My first solution is to cut military spending. Where we would need cuts would be in the military. It makes no sense that the United States should spend more than the next ten countries combined for it’s national defense. We need to bring the troops back home. Too much money is being spent on war, when we need to fix the problems here at home. Trillions of dollars have been spent funding the war in the middle east.My second solution is to have a new tax policy. It’s not only the rich that need to pay more taxes.  We do need to change tax policy on the richest Americans.  They do need to pay more, but so does everyone else.  Right now we have close to 50% of Americans not paying any income taxes.  This just isn’t fair.  If we’re all to participate in the good things that our country has to offer, then we all need to participate in paying a “fair” level of taxes to support those activities.My third solution is to sell government assets.  A good place for the federal government to start with a solution like this would be the US Postal Service. Washington’s postal service is poorly-managed, inefficient, and unnecessary in the era of email, FedEx, and UPS.  It’s operational expenses cost the taxpayer billions every year. Selling these assets off to the private sector would put them to more productive economic uses, raise a quick round of revenue now, and take some of the pressure off the federal budget year after year.With these three solution 


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