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Easement Agreement Mr. Land and Mrs. Acre

ACCESS EASEMENT AGREEMENT ACCESS EASEMENT AGREEMENT THE STATE OF TENNESSEE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY This Agreement is entered to be effective 10 of October, 2011 between Mr. Land (“GRANTOR” herein) and Mrs. Acre (“GRANTEE” herein). WHEREAS, GRANTOR is the owner of property described as: 124 West Main Street, Clarksville Tn, 37042. WHEREAS, GRANTEE is the owner of property described as: 126 West Main Street, Clarksville Tn, 37042.

WHEREAS, GRANTOR and GRANTEE are desirous of creating and maintaining an area for easement purposes, under certain terms and conditions (referred to herein as “Easement”) being more particularly described and located as: Access easement is needed to give Parcel B rights to travel over real property, Parcel A, to a public street. It will be agreed each party will share costs of maintaining the driveway.

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NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of $2,000 in hand paid by GRANTEE, and the above premises, GRANTEE hereby agree as follows: 1. GRANTOR has GRANTED, SOLD AND CONVEYED, uninterrupted use, liberty, privilege and easement to use and enjoy the above described Easement. (Granting Clause) 2. Neither GRANTOR nor GRANTEE shall erect any improvements or other facilities upon the Easement which may impair the flow of traffic over and across same. (Tenedum Clause) 3.

GRANTOR hereby grants to GRANTEE the right to permit the GRANTEE, GRANTEE’S invitees, guests and others of the general public coming on the premises to utilize the Easement, it being the intention of the parties hereto that such persons shall have free access to, upon and over the Easement for ingress and egress purposes. (Encumbrance Clause) 4. Said Easement shall bind and inure to the respective benefit of GRANTOR and GRANTEE shall include the present and future owner or owners and mortgagees, their heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns of GRANTOR’S property and GRANTEE’S property, respectively. Habendum Clause) GRANTOR and GRANTEE have duly excuted this Acess Easement effective as of 10th day of October, 2011. ________________________________________________________ (GRANTOR)(GRANTEE) CERTIFICATE OF ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF NOTARY PUBLIC COMMONWEALTH OF TENNESSEE COUNTY OF ________________ This document was acknowledged before me on _______________ by ________________________________________________ [name of principal]. [Notary Seal, if any]: _______________________________ (Signature of Notarial Officer) Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Tennessee My commission expires: ___________________


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