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Character analysis
List of characters
-Foster mom (Ruth) Annie lives in present day but is behind with stuff. She loves reading the old mystery books. Annie lives in an old run down town where people all live apartments. She is very poor at the beginning but later on in the story she becomes rich. Annie is only 13 years old so she doesn’t work. Each day she goes to school, comes home, and then does all her chores. She lives with her six sisters and her foster mom. Her new dad, Stan, influence her to be happy. Her biggest life goal is to be adopted. She wants to find her real parents and be adopted. She isn’t the happiest girl at the beginning. But by the end she is happy and loves her family. Annie has emotional difficulties throughout the story. She has very good self-esteem. She is behind a little because she doesn’t get out very much. The audience should feel sympathy and friendly towards Annie. In the middle of the story Annie grows up when she gets her new dad. Annie is the most important character in the story. The most important element of Annie is love. She is thirteen years old. She has lived through September eleventh. Annie does not have any children. She is being manipulated by her fake real parents. Annie’s emotions are mild lust. Annie’s greatest fear is that she will never be adopted. By the end of the story Annie reaches her goal and gets adopted and has a loving family.
Ruth lives in the present. She lives in an old run down town in an apartment. She is middle class. She works as a foster mom to seven little girls. Sleep all day and party all night. Her biggest life goal is to get rich without doing anything. Her goal in the story is to get Annie’s families money. Her motivation stays the same though the whole story. She has emotional difficulties throughout the story. She has very low self-esteem throughout the story. She doesn’t really relate to the outside world she keeps top herself. The audience should feel hate toward her….


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