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Double Meanings Essay

Double meaning Essay by Kenneth Arnold Jr The play Romeo and Julliet is a tragedy about two lovers that both die. The play written by Romeo and Juliet consists of a lot of double meaning from William Shakespeare. Like how Juliet tells her parents that’s she’s grieved of the death. Romeo gets banished from Verona and he’s very disappointed about having to leave Romeo and Juliet. Juliet makes it seem like she hates Romeo when she really doesn’t. In the play Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare uses double meaning in Act III.

Like when Romeo gets banished from the city of Verona he’s not the only one who is sad. Juliet is sad about Romeo being vanished Verona but she says it as if she’s sad about the death of Tybalt. “I shall never be satisfied with Romeo till I behold him dead. ” Juliet was saying that she wanted Romeo dead to her mother but she really meant that she wouldn’t be satisfied and rather be dead. Reason being is because she is more grieved from Romeo being banished from Verona than her own cousin being dead. Not only did she use double meanings she also used dramatic irony.

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Because the audience knows that she is still in love with Romeo but the Lady Capulet doesn’t know. Shakespeare has a lot of double meanings in the dialogue of act III of this play. In the story Juliet is obviously in love but particularly she has a big difference in what she says and what she actually means. Like she is really good at making her family that she is grieved about stuff when she is really not. Or if she hates someone when she actually really loves him. “Oh what a beast I was to chide him. Juliet is saying how dumb I was to give him the time of day, however she really meant how dumb I am that I still love him but im just going to do it anyway. She uses dramatic irony cause the audience obviously and surely knows what’s going on. But the characters in the story think that she has a big hate for Romeo killing Tybalt. I conclude that there were a lot of double meanings in the play Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare used it in dialogue. We know that Juliet used a lot of double meaning and dramatic irony at the same time. The dialogue in the play also showed that certain characters were good at deceiving others.


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