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Disaster Management

Disaster Management in PakistanDr. Muhammad Asim1 List of Hazards in Pakistan • List down2 History of Disaster Management
• Pakistan is vulnerable to disaster risks from a range of hazards including cyclones/storms, droughts, earthquakes, epidemics, floods, glacial lake outbursts, landslides, pest attacks, river erosion and tsunami. Also Human induced hazards like oil spills, urban and forest fires etc. In terms of their frequency and scale of impact are:- earthquakes, droughts, flooding, Wind Storms and Landslides that have caused widespread damages and losses in the past . • These potential hazards risk makes the Pakistan’s population vulnerable and thus it arise the need for the government to be prepared against these disasters. Though the preparedness against these disasters is the task of masses as well but since the government has the mandate of the people therefore it becomes the prime responsibility to take the step for safer communities.3 Risk and Pakistani Population
• Disaster history is long in Pakistan since it came into being in 1947. Rivers those make land fertile also increase vulnerability of the people in terms of floods. Mountainous areas those are tourist attraction place also vulnerable to landslide and earthquake.4 Defining Disaster
• Though there is no such definition which defines the disaster through its impact or intensity by causalities or damages at government level, but the disaster is defined academically as an incident in which community seeks assistance from external sources to come out from such event. Thus, the big losses can be defined as disasters when national government has to intervene and other external support agencies come to help the community like United Nations and International Nongovernment Organizations (INGOs) etc.
5 History of Disaster in Pakistan
Natural Disasters # of events Killed Injured Homeless
53,585 22,797
8,923,9 85 0AffectedTotal Affected


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