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Dialectic of Freedom Analysis

Education for Freedom
The article Dialectic of Freedom, written by Maxine Greene, the question of “ What does it mean to be a citizen of the free world?” She is concluding that having the ability to choose one’s purpose of ability can help them have the power transform the world around them. A factor that impacts human freedom, in a pluralistic society like America, is the the cultural condition in which all citizens are socialized and classed. People learn their values and beliefs and gain their stereotypes through the community culture they come from. As more and more people become comfortable with their community they become limited in their freedom and the ability to make critical choices because they are focused on one section of society and not society as a whole. Education within this pluarlistic society is a stepping stool to help students understand and respect their home cultures but also give them the freedom to break boundaries and stereotypes and change their situations and reform society.
Education can help students break free of the cultural boundaries that they grew up in and create a community that works the common good. Through a world classed education a student can learn about their own culture’s history but also about other cultures histories. In doing this students can see how just because they are from different cultures that they really are not that different. Students having an equal opportunity to education can help them grow and inspire to change the world around them. In order for these students to want to go out into the world and have the inspiration to make a change, their education must promote taking initiatives and action beyond just teaching how one can function and survive. This is not saying that the education of these students should be focused on changing the world around them more then learning the basics and common core standards, but for teachers to have the passion in what they are teaching and to help promote a…


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