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D&G Marketing Analisys

1. Cultural creative intellectualists, innovators
2. Affluent customers wiiling to spend more tan most.     *Marios Prada initial collection of high quality, fuctional travel accesories
*Miuccia prados creative vision and passionate exploration for fabric and design innovation (i.e. Fashion/functionable, simple, elegant)
 * Classic and elegant collections other fascino houses concentraded on sexuality
*modern innovation through experimentation with unconventional fabricas and artistic back drops in Prada retail storesThe Prada brand exhibits: elegance, chic, prestige, social rank
Consumers buy Prada when : new fascino trends, change season
Prada consumers expect: high quality, class and wealth, luxuryProducts:
High end ready to wear clothes and accesories for men and domen in addition to a range of childrens clothes, fragances, cosmeticsand home products
Prada also has the MiuMiu line products that are lower in price and targered towards a younger demografic
Linea Rossa is pradas sports collection that features  tenis shoes
The pradas brand is in the life cycle stage of naturality 
Market share:
* market segmentation: market nicher also working with customization through Prada made to orden collection
*market nicher strategies: quality price specialist, product line specialist
* mana gong Brand equality: Brand reinforcement through new and innovative collections. Extensiva Brand portfolio through flanker products such as eyewear, fragances and leather goods.
Fashion shows: production has become One of the most persuasive marketing tools used by them
Magazine ads : Prada Ads are featureted in Manu Fashion magazines worldwide including VOGUE and ELLE
Travelling Art Gallery: Miuccia Prada organized a teavelling art Gallery entittled Waist Down to display many of the Prada skirts that sherif designed
Customers profile:
* customers recognize in Prada’s products a personal and important part of…


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