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Design And Realization Of Network Oriented Library

The system is network library management system operated on the company backbone network and it consists of eight subsystems of book cataloging, book acquisitions, book circulation, periodical management, standard management, data management, system maintenance and Web query. The technology mode combined the Client/Server with the Browser/Server is adopted, through which functions of computer network management and Web query of books and reference materials are realized. Improve modernized management level of library information and realize information resource sharing. System Construction Goals are follows: a.

Establishing library information network Computer networking for books, periodicals, materials and standard partial works by establishing information network station with the aid of campus backbone network to roved company backbone network users with information service. B. Standardizing management mode of books and reference materials Replacing previous manual work and qualitative management mode with computer management to obtain management mode standardization of books and reference materials, form normalization of machine-readable data and conceptualization of management decision making. . Establishing standard bibliographic database and document database Cataloguing based on standard bibliographic data to establish bibliography and document information database in compliance with national standards. . Improving service quality of science-technology library Facilitating staff to accurately master collection structure, comprehensively understand readers’ demands for document information, timely adjust purchase plan and highlight collection features.

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Keywords-Books, Network, Management system PREFACE The rapid development of computer technology, especially emerging of network technology, indicates that the information age has already come. Traditional management and service mode of the library has failed to meet growing needs of reader for documentary information. Building imputer-centered library information network, realizing library management and service automation and better serving scientific & technological activities are the only way for the development of library.

Realizing network management of books and reference materials at least has following advantages: a. Cataloguing standardization, laying the foundation for improvement of gathering and editing, cataloguing and inquiry quality of books and reference materials. B. Inquiry automation and retrieval channel diversification, finding required books and reference materials more conveniently and timely. . Resource sharing advantage, realizing resource sharing within range of the whole company through local area network and providing readers with convenience.

This paper plans to build a practical system, which is in compliance with standardized protocol and has strong universality, by employing advanced computer network technology in order to improve modernized management level of scientific books and information and realize information resource sharing. B Overall Function Design Eight functions of network library system are to be determined according to actual condition of library and resent situation of backbone network and they separately are book cataloging, book acquisitions, book circulation, periodical management, standard management, data management, system maintenance and Web query.

Among them, Web query is the prominent feature of this system. See Figurer for system composition and functional block diagram. C Network Topology See Figurer for network topology. The whole system uses several microcomputers, one database server and one Web server (database server and Web server are placed on different physical server to ensure access speed and system security). Network adopts star connection to form local area neuron, which connects school backbone network.


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