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Decision Making Process

DECISIONMAKING Defining the problem ?Identifying alternative solutions ?Assessing pros and cons ?Analyzing and selecting the criteria for selection ?Selecting course of action ?Implementing decisions ?Monitoring results

DEFINING THE PROBLEMS ? Most complicated step ? Difficult to detect the actual problem ? Cause and effect relationship can be deceiving. IDENTIFYING ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS ? A problem may have many possible solution ? An open mind is needed to consider all the aspects of problem EVALUATING ALERNATIVES ? Consider all the pros and cons of each alternative ? Can take help of decision aids( risk analysis, forecasting, linear programming, decision analysis etc) APPLYING CRITERIA ? There can be multiple criteria for taking a decision. SELECTING AN ALTERNATIVE AND IMPLIMENTATION ? Selecting a preferred course of action is a result of above 4 steps. ? It is the result of conceptual analysis and of practical consideration Decisions are rarely proceed as planned. ? So, there is a need to monitor it and take corrective actions as necessary. HUMAN DIMENSION IN DECISION MAKING ? Decision is effective only after taking human and administrative dimensions that influence the organizational responses.

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Ability to conceive and advocate appropriate solutions.WILLINGNESS
Willingness to conceive and advocate appropriate solutions.INSIGHTCOMMITMENTAble to evaluate recommended solutions and to commit resourcesWilling to evaluate recommended solutions and to commit resources ABILITY
? ?
Each performance situation need special skill for its solution. Knowledge of requirement Experience People have different style of thinking and analysis. People with contrasting style of thinking finds it difficult to work togetherSTYLE OF THINKING
Rule based Analytically based


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