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Cyber Bullying Research Paper

Now according o advocates Susan Keith and Michelle E. Martin, Several surveys have been taken to get a handle on the number of children across the country who have experienced cyber-bullying. ” It is estimated that 91% of kids 12 to 15 years old and almost all teens (99%) ages 16 to 18 use the Internet (UCLA Internet Report, 20031′. “Much of their time online is spent talking with other kids. ” According to the same source” I-SAFE America, an internet safety education foundation, conducted a nationwide survey of 1 ,566 students from grades four to eight to find out their experiences with bullying online.

Looking at this type of behavior through a sociological imagination, it is no surprise in how it is often passed off as ‘typical kids’ stuff or a social norm by parents, school officials, teachers and other people in authority. This particular thinking has allowed this vicious cycle to continue. I can remember as a young girl being susceptible to the cruel and harsh treatment of my peers due to me being the only child and not having anyone to stick up for me. This is one of the ways that bullies targets their peers.

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Thesis Statement: Cyber Bullying has become an evolving epidemic that has arenas and school officials unarmed to address this issue effectively. This paper will hopefully show this issue has arisen, raise awareness and provide some solutions to efficiently address this epidemic. Bullying is not a new found issues among young people. This has been going on for many years and due to the evolution of technology, it has now become problematic. Children and adolescents are equipped with all types of devices that allow them access to cyber space. This is how bullying behavior is perpetrated amongst the youth now.

Data has shown that most youth communicate wrought emails, chat rooms, social media, text and instant messages. Due to these forms of communication it is very hard to sensor what our children are being exposed to. This leaves an open door for predators to come in and victimized our kids. Not long ago this particular subject was in its infancy stages. Teens is the U. S were being victimized by their peers and no one knew what to do because, it was a new epidemic that was becoming more wide spread, and because of the nature in which this behavior was being delivered (Cyber Space).

According the article published by Marilyn A Campbell ‘Cyber lulling: An old problem in a new guise? ” Hobart and Mitchell (2004) in the United States reported that 15% of their sample identified themselves as Internet bullies while 7% said they had been targeted on line. This data proves how this issue is impacting our youth all over the world. The data above and below is showing a direct correlation of how this issue is increasing in the number of youth it is effecting. The table below is data from 201 3: Center for disease control and Prevention. 2) Were Electronically Bullied (including being bullied through e-mail, chat rooms, instant message nag, ibises, or testing during the 12 months before the survey) United States, High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2013 Find out if there is a statistical difference between females and males. Select them, then click the button. Otherwise select them, then press enter. COMPARE TWO Compare to Female Compare to Male sex Year Total Female Male 2013 14. 8 (13. 7-15. 9) 13,50th 21. 0 (19. 2-22. 9) 6,591 8. 5 (7. 7-9. ) 6,899 The data below shows the current data of 2014 of youth that has been exposed to cyber bullying: Key Statistics ; Over 1 0,000 young people surveyed in the largest ever spellbinding survey 7 in 10 young people are victims of spellbinding ; 37% young people experiencing spellbinding on a highly frequent basis ; 20% of young people are experiencing extreme spellbinding on a daily basis ; New research suggests that young males and females are equally at risk of spellbinding ; Young people found to be twice as likely to be shipbuilder on Backbone as on any other Social en;ark ; 54% of young people using Backbone reported that they have experienced spellbinding on the network ; Backbone, Ask. FM and Twitter found to be the most likely sources of hyperbolically ; Spellbinding found to have catastrophic effects upon the self-esteem and social lives of up to 70% of young people ; An estimated 5. 43 million young people in the UK have experienced spellbinding, with 1. 26 million subjected to extreme spellbinding on a daily basis. Cyber bullying has become increasingly more and more serious. The effects alone have created a condition that needs to be addressed head on. Cyber bullying has been reported to have psychological, emotional, and physical impact on the youth that has been victimized.

According to The Center for Disease Control reported that students that experience bullying are twice as likely to have negative effects. These effects are depression, sleep difficulties, anxiety, and trouble adjusting to school. They are twice as likely to get stomach aches and headaches. Each victim responds to cyber bullying in different ways however there are some common responses. In correlation, since bullying is about fear and control this will also have an impact on the predator as well. There has been instances over the years where victims have committed suicide to due to being bullied on social media and other forms of Weber bullying.

According to the latest data from JAM Pediatrics 2014, about 80% of youth that commits suicide have depressive symptoms. Peer factorization and bullying causes higher rates of suicide among youth. With the status quo being “Bullying is a social norm” these numbers will continue to increase. There are not perfect solutions to this problem. There are precautions that parents and school officials can take to decrease the amount of youth that are impacted by this type of behavior. Awareness needs to be raised at all times on this issues so that people know the severity if this issues. Victims of this act needs to be educated and have a support group.

A safety zone with in the school should be created so that kids can have a safe place to go when they are being bullied. Parents need to be monitoring their kid’s social media websites, text messages and any form of advance technology that their children participates in. Parents can become educated on this type of behavior so they know how to have discussions with their children about what is going on in their lives (victim or perpetrator). Bullies should be educated on the impact of their behavior and have more severe uniqueness when they chose to continue to practice this type of behavior. With these components, Cyber Bullying can be decreased. Overall bullying is not a new found territory, it has been practice by our youth for years.

On the other hand cyber bullying has added a different twist to the old face-to-face bullying. Youth have a wider range to engage in this behavior and the attacks can go on 24/7. It also allows young people who would not have the courage to commit face-to-face bullying an outlet to target victims. These acts have a negative impact on the victims that have been subject to this cruel act. Cyber Bullying has been link to increasing the numbers of youth suicide, emotional distress, depression, poor academics, and social adjustments issues. This issue is wide spread across the country and needs to be addressed continuously. Our children should not have live in fear at the hands of their peers.

They have a right to be safe in their homes, schools and definitely on social media. Society as a whole has to change their perception about this behavior being a social norm and put an end to this. If this behavior contain uses to be accepted by society as growing pains then our youth are doomed. Citations and References Gladden, R. M. , Viol-Cantor, A. M. , Hamburger, M. E. , & Limpkin, C. D. (2014). Bullying surveillance among youths: uniform definitions for public health and recommended data elements, Version 1. 0. Atlanta, GA: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and SIS Department of Education. Http://NCSC. CDC. Gob/ Hootenanny Internet.

UCLA Internet Report, 2003. National I-Safe Survey, 2004. Http://www. Detachable. Org/ Campbell, Marilyn A (2005) Cyber bullying: An old problem in a new guise? Australian Journal of Guidance and Counseling 15(1 Unbuckling. Com. Teary Review Cyber Bullying amongst teens has become a wide spread epidemic across the U. S. Cyber Bullying is a new techniques that is use in this era of technology. There are different ways in which they utilize technology. Youth are bullied via email, text, instant messaging and social media. According to the (UCLA Internet Report, 2003) 91 % of kids ages 12-15 and 99% of kids ages 16-18 utilizes the internet as a form of communication.

Also the survey concluded that: ; 57% of students said that someone had said hurtful or angry things to them online with 13% saying it happens “quite often” ; 53% of dents admit saying mean or hurtful things to someone online and 7% admit to doing it “quite often” ; 35% of students have been threatened online with 5% saying it happens “quite often This data shows that this is a new playground in which bullies are able to target their victims frequently than face-to-face bullying. Cyber bullying is an old problem with a new spin on it. Our children spend countless hours using today’s latest technology and sometimes are victimized. The technology today almost disarms the parents from protecting their children from predators. These people that prey comes in all forms. Now of days, our children are being prey upon by their peers are too afraid to tell anyone, whether is form embarrassment or fear. The technology is evolving so fast that it keeps parents and authority figures are out of the loop. This gives so much power to the predator. The statistics show an increasing number in those who are bullied via electronically.

According to a study done by “Hobart and Mitchell (2004) in the United States reported that 15% of their sample identified themselves as Internet bullies while 7% said they had been targeted on line. ” These are startling number yet over the past ten years the umber has risen greatly. In 2013 United States High School Youth Risk Behavior Surveyed that 14. 8% of high school students were subjected to cyber bullying. With the numbers of incidents increasing as the years go on, it gives us a better perspective on how immense this issue is. Cyber bullying has had a major impact on our youth. It has been link to the increasing number is suicide among youth today. It is one of the factors that contributes to the incidents being high.


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