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Cruise Ship

Introduction: Cruise ship industry are viewed as travel for pleasure in the sea. They defined “cruise ships” not only as transportation but also as trip for pleasure in the sea. As Cooper, Fletcher, Gilbert and Wanhill (1993) stated, “Cruising is more a leisure product than a mode of sea transportation. ” The cruise ship industry is increasingly being popular as floating resorts Dowling (2006). This floating resort has bars, restaurant, entertainment spot, sports facilities, shopping centers, and a lot more Dowling (2006). Cabins are also developed into larger and more luxurious.

Part of the development is for cabins to have more balconies. Dowling (2006). Dowling (2006) Cruise ship companies continuously promoting their trademarks to allow the customers to easily recognize the products as rivalry grows. Moreover, it allows the customers to make an easy decision-making. Dowling (2006) One case example is the “Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship” where in the ship image express more exclusive and private, and an only one of its kind experience, with the advertisement and its promotional theme, ‘For once in your life, live’.

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While “Carnival cruises” characterized as “Fun ships” and it is for everyone that generally feel like having fun. Martin (2010) It all started in early years, as the world became developed and industrialized and start trading with distant places, since then ships are mainly used in shipping cargo and used as transportation in exploring new lands. This evolution or development has mainly included expedition trip, post-war boom and the downfall of passenger liner and the beginning of modern cruising. Martin (2010). Martin (2010). More types of people began to be more adventurous and thrills in spending their disposable income.

It is indicated that the people that desires to have vacation around places in the world that usually can only be read in the books by famous voyagers, is now a reality. Martin (2010). The first shipping institution that proposed a traveler service from United State to England was the Black Ball line, where in at the early year of 1818, the large ship manages to operate out of New York City Martin (2010). One of the prime explanations why there was an increase of larger construction of ships, and more luxurious, exclusive and deluxe ships are essentially because of the combination of trade and leisure time of the people.

Martin (2010). For an instance, the Titanic is one of the most popular and recognizable ships in history, with the stories that has been done completely and it has a class on its own. Martin (2010). Martin (2010). Back in early years, cruise liner was compulsory used as troop transporter since World War I and II. It is stated that when the war come to an end, the ships were used for transferring refugees to secluded lands to have their fresh start. Martin (2010) The government profoundly supported and funded the industry in construction of cruise ships with their possible outlook in the future, the redeployment.

By then, the cruise industries improved rapidly. However, the smooth transatlantic journey flow was spoiled by the enormous progress of the flight industry. On the other hand, the modern structures of cruise ships were established. Martin (2010). People now can experience a short holiday sailing in a way of linking their flights to the destination Martin (2010). Some consider the huge breakthrough in flight industry as the reason of recreation of cruising today. Martin (2010). In the late eighties, there was a huge increase in the cruise industry.

Extremely large cruise liners were launched, which the liners are competent of carrying passenger with an additional of 2,000 more people Martin (2010). These newly launched ships are entirely for exclusive vacationers that keep hold of cruising journey around the world. And as it was acknowledged earlier, ships are intended to operate as floating resorts with lots of entertainment such as spas, salons, casinos, nightclubs and even basketball courts Martin (2010). That is mainly the difference between the new ships and the past liners.

Most of the cruises today are more luxurious and offer such services. Moreover, some of the vacationers are environmental friendly and is more focused in education, wildlife and peaceful destination; they are the people that do not prefer entertainment in the cruise Martin (2010). These liners are smaller than the luxurious ones, and according to the researchers these businesses are growing each year Martin (2010). Discussion: * Ship Safety A mishap at sea, even though not common and not as serious than cancellations and delays, still happens Klein (2002). The cruise ship industry prefer this o be not known to passengers, but passengers should really know about this as there’s always a possibility for things to go wrong Klein (2002). Land-based resorts and hotels are some of the establishments that the cruise industry sees as competitors to their product, which would be much safer. Klein (2002) Collisions, mechanical failures, fires and sometimes sinking of ships are some of the incidents in which most are not as serious and most of the time attributed to human error. Klein (2002) Klein (2002) More than 70 cruise ship accidents were reported in the media between January 2000 and December 2001.

An Example is the The Costa Tropicale, which ran aground twice in two weeks Klein (2002). It was freed by tugboats in Venice the first time it happened, and was also freed by the Costa Atlantica, its sister ship the second time it happened. Klein (2002) Klein (2002) There have been several instances that cruise ships have sunk in the sea. 30 crew members died inside Fantome as it tried to avoid Hurricane Mitch, luckily no passengers were aboard. Another one is the sinking of the Achille Lauro were four people died and eight injured. Klein (2002)

Who’s responsible for cruise ship safety? Klein (2002) The US Coast Guard conducts inspections to all ships visiting American ports. All other ship’s safety is up to the cruise line. A US Coast Guard inspection found 106 leaks in the ship’s fire sprinkler system, which detained a Norweigan’s Cruise Line in Miami. Klein (2002) Human error plays an important role on the ship’s safety Klein (2002). Worker fatigue is one of them and is the most serious as ICONS (International Commission on Shipping) and ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) identified Klein (2002).

Most ship workers in charge of navigation just do not get enough rest Klein (2002). Klein (2002) Another major problem for cruise lines are their own operational guidelines are not always being followed. A collision involving the Norweigan Dream and the Ever Decent led investigators to find that although NCL company policy, which required two officers needs to be on watch but only one was found on the bridge before they collided Klein (2002). Is the Cruise Safe? Klein (2002) Generally speaking, yes. Cruise ship risks are still there, albeit very small. Diseases, accidents and attacks still do occur but not that often.

It also comes down to the person in the ship and their responsibility, whether it would be the captain, crew or the passenger. Klein (2002). Eliminating the risks will not be possible but the question is whether these risks are acceptable. * SHIP SECURITY In September 11, 2001 – the date that every American and possibly every man in world would never forget made a huge impact on ship’s security by which the cruise ship industry made significant attention to. Klein (2002). Klein (2002) The US Coast Guard has implemented their own Voluntary Guidelines in 1987.

Mandatory security rules were set after the Coast Guard found out that many security measures were not being followed Klein (2002). Klein (2002) A three-level security was established in 1996 by the coast guard based on the evaluation of the risk level. Nine mandatory standard measures is included in the lowest level for cruise ships calling at ports in the US Klein (2002). Access restrictions to certain areas of the ship, conducting metal detector screening and random bag inspections are some of the standard security measures are being carried out Klein (2002).

Terrorist attacks are a medium risk to cruise ships that’s why at least half of all the ship’s passengers, bags and stores need to be searched. If there is a high-risk level, all passengers and baggage must be searched Klein (2002). On the Positive side of ships safety: Brown (2010). * Relax, unwind and enjoy. Brown (2010) These are some of the reasons why people take cruise ships, which most cruise ship inhabitants have in common. The cruise ship is also an enclosed environment where ship crews are screened thoroughly Brown (2010).

Mostly, ship crew staffs are sole breadwinners of families, which are unlikely to do crime and potentially risk their job for something they can earn in the long run. Brown (2010) * Brown (2010) Cruise ships don’t have guests unlike hotels where random people can barge in and say they are guests of this room…etc. Conclusion: The Cruise ship industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in tourism. Unexpectedly, people now are merely more interested in experiencing being on board. The growth of cruise tourism is extra-ordinary. The cruise industries nowadays are growing rapidly and it has evolved since the first traveler ships.

Manning (2006) With the rapid growth of the industry, Cruise lines are in quest of new destinations and port. Each year, the standard of the liners is getting bigger, with approximately 1000 crew and 2000 travelers. Mancinni (2004 ) it is also recognized that the estimated growth of people going on board is about 10 percent each year. In addition, Cruise Industry News (2010) it is forecasted that around the year of 2010, there will be a major increased capacity in the Europe and in Caribbean. Cruise Industry News (2010) the companies are very concentrated on international growth, and that’s included foreign markets. Reference List:

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