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Could We Live Without Modern Technology?

During the past two decades, modern technology has evolved into more than most ever imagined it could. Technology has become so important in our daily lives that most people would find it difficult to go through the day without using some form or another. Majority of people are always looking for the newest piece of technology that will help make their lives easier. Computers, cell phones and GPS have made such an impact in our daily lives that most would find themselves lost without them.

Computers have become one of the most impressive creations of our modern technology and most people would be lost without them. They have made what was once impossible, possible today. Take a moment to visualize how the word would be without computers. Medical doctors and scientist could not have found as many cures to diseases; since most cures were found by the help of using computer technology. Another shocking realization is that without the help of computers, it would be almost impossible to count votes during Election Day.

Could you imagine the amount of man hours across the country it would take to count each ballot by hand? Not to mention, the discrepancy in votes that would surly follow a task like that. Another interesting example of how computers have made life more entertaining is within the entertainment industry. For example movies like Jurassic Park, Toy Story or even Godzilla would not be possible without the help of computers and modern technology. Let’s face it, in today’s world; it is hard to imagine how people ever existed without computers in their life.

Another form of technology that society has become dependent on is, mobile communication devices (cell phones). With the help of modern technology, cell phones have allowed us to keep in almost constant contact with one another. Cell phones have quickly become a necessary part of our daily lives. In fact, to most people, they are absolutely essential. With the help of modern technology today’s cell phones are more advanced than ever. We can use them to send email messages, pictures, text messages, shoot video or even play video games.

Cell phones can help us to stay in touch with friends and family, and we can even use them to help us be more efficient in our work place. It’s no wonder that most people feel they could not live their lives without a cell phone, and this has become true around the world. In 1963, the creation of Global Positioning System or GPS was formed. In the beginning, GPS was intended for military use only. However, with its ever growing popularity GPS has now become available to the general population, and without the use of this modern technology we would all be lost.

Those who have a GPS understand how exciting it is to type in a destination and get step by step directions from your driveway to your location of your choice. Another amazing feature on the GPS is the ability to search for your destination. For example, if someone was looking for the nearest Starbucks coffee house, they would type it into the GPS search application and “TaDa” the GPS will navigate you straight there. Not to mention, it is considered much safer to use the modern technology of GPS – hands free navigation than to use old school methods, such as a map while driving a car.

With our ever-growing technology it is only a matter of time that everybody will own a GPS in the very near future. The impact that computers, cell phones and GPS have made on our modern society is so massive that most people would find themselves lost without them. When you look back over the past couple of decades at how technology has made such an impact on our modern society; it is truly amazing to think how anybody ever survived without taking advantage of the tools we have available to us today.