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Corective Training

INFORMATION PAPER ATZR-J 18 January 2012 SUBJECT: Corrective Training 1. Purpose. To inform leaders at all levels of corrective training and how it can be used to promote good order and discipline within their organizations. 2. Facts. a. One of the most effective, but under-utilized, non-punitive measures leaders may use when a Soldier commits an offense, or has demonstrated sub-standard performance is Extra Training or Instruction, commonly referred to as “corrective training.” This measure may be used in addition to, or in lieu of UCMJ or adverse administrative action. However, corrective training is never punishment and should not be confused with extra duty. b. Corrective training must be directly related to the deficiency and must be oriented to improving the Soldier’s performance in his problem area (Army Regulation (AR) 600-20, para. 4-6 and AR 27-10, para. 3-3(c)). Although corrective training may be accomplished after normal duty hours, the measures must be training or instructive in nature, not punishment. When corrective training is being completed leaders should be present. Corrective training should continue only until the training deficiency is overcome. c. Soldiers undergoing administrative separation or facing NJP or court-martial may be required to conduct corrective training prior to their case being adjudicated or their separation approved. Commanders wishing to do so should always consult with the Trial Counsel to ensure the corrective training does not amount to unlawful pretrial punishment under Article 13, UCMJ. Soldiers found to have been punished prior to trial may, among other things, have an adjudged sentence reduced at trial.
Corrective Training v. Punishment – KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!
Corrective Training Punishment (ie, Extra Duty)When Imposed Imposed by Nature of Tasks Relation to OffenseIn an effort to correct a deficiency—substandard performance or minor misconduct Soldier’s immediate commander NEVER includes those tasks…


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