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Communication Strategy – Response to a Customer Complaint

COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Objective: The main objective here is to pacify the angry customer and regain his/her trust and good will for the company and its products. PAIBOC Analysis: Purpose: Pacify the angry customer and regain his/her trust and good will, prevent him/her from further badmouthing the company in public Audience: An angry customer

Information: Express concern and regret the inconvenience caused, promise further investigation, short-term and long-term corrective actions taken, Benefits: Individual attention and concern shown by the company; new, thoroughly tested grinder as replacement with further onsite installation and testing by an expert technical representative of the company Objections: possible reoccurrence of the issue with replaced grinder Context: An angry customer who has faced a severe accident while using our product, has suffered minor burns on left hand and nearly burned down the house Writing Style: The situation is negative.

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The company is in a lower position here and stands to lose more than its customer unless immediate steps are taken to pacify the customer and resolve the issue. Hence the use of an impersonal, passive and dull style is justified in this case. This will help in subordinating the subject to the end of the sentence or even bury it entirely at times. It will also allow the company make faceless, impersonal negative statements and make itself conveniently disappear when desirable. MEMO TO THE PRESIDENT ————————————————- INTER OFFICE MEMO Priority: Moderate To: President Cc:Vice President (Sales & Marketing)

From:Director (Customer Service) Subject: Response to a customer complaint regarding malfunctioning of wet grinder Ref:MZ/Sales/01/014 Sir, Please find attached the complaint letter sent by a customer to our head office. The customer is angry due to mishap caused by the alleged malfunctioning of an Advaith wet grinder. As per our customer satisfactionpolicy, we find it appropriate to replace the grinder and apologise in our reply letter for the same. I request your approval for sending a technical expert to the customer’s house in order to find the reason behind the malfunctioning and provide general assistance.

Keeping with the Advaith standards, I recommend a thorough investigation by the product team to find the root cause of the problem. Regards, Harsh Paul Encl. : Complaint letter sent by the customer RESPOSE LETTER TO THE CONSUMER 23 October, 2011 Director (Customer Service) Advaith Products P. O. Box 11743 New Delhi – 110001 Mr. Amit Kumar 82, 7th Main, 18th Cross BTM III Stage Bangalore – 560074 Dear Sir, Thank you for taking the time to contact Advaith Products and expressing your unhappiness on the issues that occurred recently with an Advaith Wet Grinder.

We understand that you would be upset and sincerely apologize for the injury, inconvenience and frustration caused. We assure you that your safety is of utmost importance to us and we are anxious to retain you as a satisfied customer. We, at Advaith Products, pride ourselves on high quality standards and customer satisfaction and are deeply dismayed by your distressful experience. Please be assured that our products are made with production standards that are among the best in the industry and they also have to pass through some of the most stringent quality checks.

Albeit, your troublesome experience is a rare one off occurrence, we have taken the responsibility adding further control mechanisms on our grinders very seriously so that such a mishap never occurs again. Moreover, we are also further investigating this issue on priority to find ways of further improving our present technology to make Advaith Wet Grinder the best and safest appliance in your kitchen. Reiterating our gratitude to you for bringing this case to our attention, we would like to provide you with a stringently tested replacement wet grinder.

We would like to send our technical expert and our safety engineer to install and further test the new wet grinder to you satisfaction in your home. Please communicate a suitable time as per your convenience to our customer care executive at 011-23456000 or mail us at customercare@advaithproducts. com. We value our relationship with you very highly and would like to emphasize our dedication to provide you the highest level of service. Please feel free to communicate to us any further questions and comments that you may have. We once again thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you. Sincerely, Harsh Paul (For Advaith Products)


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