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Communication is a very important asset to have in the workplace. Employees and managers must be able to communicate with each other in order to successfully operate a business. Communication can be anything from in-person meetings, to emails, to formal and informal conversations. Lack of communication can sometimes result in major consequences. Managers run the risk of creating errors and misunderstandings between themselves and the employees. These errors and misunderstandings can be detrimental to a company if they are not handled correctly. ?When workers do not communicate effectively with management, managers risk losing the perspective of those doing the day-to-day labor. Ineffective communication between managers can lead to wide-ranging implications for an organization? (Argosy Online, Module 7).Communication is significant in making important decisions.

Li, the CEO of Celia Jane, believes that it is better for his employees to work in teams. He feels that working in groups aids creativity and productivity. However, working in groups doesn?t always work to its advantage. There can be consequences to this as well.
Factors such as social loafing, free riding, the sucker effect, process loss, and groupthink can affect the organization?s productivity. Working in groups can sometimes be a bad idea because there are many ideas and emotions involved. People see things differently and may not want to cooperate with the rest of the group. It can be quite chaotic due to the differences of opinions and ideas.

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