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Common Mistakes in Project Management

Common mistakes in Project Management. Some organization’s projects have been unduly criticized for being poorly planned and managed and having unrealistic cost and time projections assigned to them. The reason behind these problems or mistakes is said to be down to a lack of communication through the different levels within the project management team. However I believe that communication barriers are in fact only one of many possible mistakes that a project management team could make. For this blog I have gone back to basics and highlighted the most apparent mistakes in project management! 1. Matching resources to the wrong projects: The matching up of resources to projects is one of the most important elements within project management and is viewed as being a critical stage for success. The matching process should ensure that the resources skills and/or abilities are able to reach the expectations set. 2. Project Manager lacks the necessary experience required: Controlling the project is hard and it’s even harder if the project manager doesn’t have the experience to put behind the project. Experience in running project status meetings, managing risk and dealing with the project stakeholders are very important for the successful development and execution of a project. 3. Project scope isn’t managed well: It has been noted that at times there does tend to be no set procedure in place to manage a change in scope. A project manager should have a process in place if a change in scope is being made. This process should follow a set criteria for example: The individual that is requesting a change in scope needs to give details on the changes that he is proposing, from there the project manager needs to examine the impact that this change in scope will have on the budget and time constraints and then give his backing of the change in project scope. 4. Poor scheduling: A schedule is there for a reason and that is to ensure that a project doesn’t overrun and have a…


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