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COM 101: Fundamentals of Speech

Kentucky Christian University
Fall Semester, August 23 – December 15, 2016
Meeting Schedule
Section 01: Thursday, 5:30 – 7:15 p.m., Smith 127
Section 02: Thursday, 7:30 – 9:15 p.m., Smith 127
Course Information
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
Credit Hours: 3
Dr. Marvin L. Elliott, Executive Vice President and Chief Academic
Office: Lusby Center
Office Telephone: (606) 474-3253
E-mail: [emailprotected] – Subject line: COM 101 Student’s Name
Note from the professor: The very best way to be in touch with me is
through email. Generally, emails are answered within 24 hours, except
that I rarely check email on Saturday, and response time might be a
bit slower on the weekend.

DeVito, Joseph A. The Essential Elements of Public Speaking. 5th ed.

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Boston: Pearson, 2015.

Course Description
This course, accompanied by a lab, equips studentswiththe
fundamentals of skillful oral delivery. Students learn to prepare and
present short informative and persuasive speeches. The selection and
organization of material, methods of securing interest and attention,
and elements of delivery are emphasized.

Student Learning Outcomes
The student will:
A) Identify the fundamental elements of the communication process.

B) Identify various purposes of listening and apply to public speaking.

C) Select and narrow a topic with a particular audience in mind.

D) Design a message with a particular audience in mind.

E) Demonstrate research skills necessary to the public speaking process.

F) Organize ideas in a purposeful, cohesive sequence.

G) Demonstrate accurate, clear, and expressive use of language, nonverbal
communication and voice.

H) Identify language strategies for effective oral presentations.

I) Present convincing arguments through reason, personal credibility, and

J) Create and present an informative message to a target audience.

K) Create and present a persuasive message to a target audience.

L) Create and present several special occasion speeches to a target

Attendance Policy
All students are expected to be present and regular in attendance for
all scheduled classes. Failure to confer with the professor in the
event of an absence, or missing more than one class session or two
weeks of online work during the semester for any reason, will result
in the student being dropped from the class. The professor has full
responsibility for evaluating student absences and shall determine
when absences have become excessive. For the attendance policy, three
tardies or early departures equal one absence.

A student dismissed for excessive absences may appeal the dismissal by
applying to the Academic Appeals Committee.

Cellular telephones should be turned completely off during class. The
use of a cell phone to either place or receive telephone calls or text
messages during class will result in the student being counted as
absent for the day. The use of a cell phone during an exam or quiz
will also result in the student receiving a zero on the test.

Disability Statement
If you have a documented disability and wish to discuss academic
accommodations, please contact the registrar, Andrea Stamper, at
extension 3212, in the Registrar’s Office, or email [emailprotected]
Academic Assistance
The Student Academic Resource Center (ARC) program is housed in the
Young Library and is available to students who wish to receive
tutoring services, find guidanceinwritingpapers,receive
proofreading assistance, or other academicservices.Computer
stations, study areas, and specialized equipment are available for
student use.

Scholastic Dishonesty
All scholastic dishonesty, especially within the context ofa
Christian University, is unacceptable. Scholastic dishonesty includes
cheating on exams, turning in reports and term papers as one’s own
when they are not, lying, stealing exams and other work, allowing
other students to copy one’s work in order to meet a grade requirement
for a course and plagiarism. Plagiarism is defined as passing off as
one’s own the ideas of another.Copying or summarizing another’s
ideas in written or oral report must be correctly attributed to the
source.Any of these aforementioned offenses warrantacademic
discipline. First offenders are subject to the discipline of the
individual professor and are reported to the Vice President of
Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Enrollment Management.

Offenses may be subject to review by the Student Appeals Committee and
may be subject to severe penalties.Disciplinary measures may
include: re-doing the work, automatic failure ofthecourse,
probation, suspension, and/or expulsion.

Exams and Quizzes
Exams are scheduled tests given to measure a student’s assimilation of
material presented in class and covered in the text. All material on
exams may not be discussed in class, so the student is responsible for
independent study of the text and other assigned materials.Material
not found in the text will be presented in class and other assigned
materials, and will be found on exams, as well. The final exam,
administered at a time indicated on the college’s final exam schedule,
is cumulative.

Quizzes are brief tests administered more frequently to encourage
thorough study of the textbook and other instructional materials.

Missed exams may be made up only in extenuating circumstances at the
discretion of the instructor. Quizzes may not be made up for any

Speaking Assignments
Five speaking assignments are requirements of the course. Topics for
the speeches will be discussed in class, and will be due to the
instructor in advance as announced. The narrative speech is a 4-5
minute speech that is not graded, but a zero is given if it is not
done; the informative speech and the persuasive speech are 7-8 minute
graded speeches (these speeches may be lengthened based on the number
of students enrolled); the special occasion speech is a 4-5 minute
graded speech; the impromptu speech is a 2-minute graded speech.

Typed thesis statements, outlines, and works cited pages in MLA format
are due with the informative and persuasive speeches.Typed self-
evaluations of speeches are prepared and submitted following the
informative and persuasive speeches.The preparation ofthese
documents will be discussed in class. Missed speeches may be made up
only in cases of extreme hardship at the discretion of the instructor.

Grading System
Grading is based on an accumulated point system totaling 800 points.

Two exams, one at mid-term and one final exam, are valued at 100
points each; two speeches (informative and persuasive) are valued at
100 points each; three speeches (narrative, special occasion, and
impromptu) are valued at 50 points each; twoself-evaluations
(informative and persuasive) are valued at 25 points each; and ten
quizzes are valued at 20 points each.

Grade Percentage Accumulated Points
F0-59 0-475
The instructor may award, at his discretion, a Participation Bonus of
between 1 and 25 points for outstanding classroom participation.

Course Schedule
Attached is an anticipated course schedule.Any changes to the
schedule will be announced in class, on the class website, or via
email.Students are responsible for being prepared fordaily
discussions, exams, and speeches according to the schedule.

August 23-25
Class Session #1: Thursday, August 25
Reading: Chapter 1, Introducing Public Speaking
Instruction: In class lecture
Ungraded Assignment: Narrative Speeches delivered in class
Assignment: Chapter 1 Quiz by Sunday, August 28, 11:59 p.m.

(normally the
deadline is Thursday night, but it’s extended to Sunday
this first week!)
August 26 – September 1
Reading: Chapter 2, Listening and Criticism
Instruction: Video content
Assignment: Chapter 2 Quiz by Thursday, September 1, 11:59 p.m.

September 2-8
Reading: Chapter 4, Select Your Topic, Purposes, and Thesis
(Step 1)
Instruction: Video content
Assignment: Chapter 4 Quiz by Thursday, September 8, 11:59 p.m.

September 9-15
Reading: Chapter 5, Analyze Your Audience and Research Your
Speech (Steps 2
and 3)
Instruction: Video content
Assignment: Chapter 5 Quiz by Thursday, September 15, 11:59

September 16-22
Reading: Chapter 6, Collect Supporting Materials and
Presentation Aids (Step 4)
Instruction: Video content
Assignment: Chapter 6 Quiz by Thursday, September 22, 11:59

September 23-29
Reading: Chapter 7, Organize Your Speech (Steps 5, 6, and 7)
Instruction: Video content
Assignment: Chapter 7 Quiz by Thursday, September 29, 11:59

September 30 – October 6
Reading: Chapter 8, Word, Rehearse, and Present Your Speech
(Steps 8, 9, and
Instruction: Video content
Assignment: Chapter 8 Quiz by Thursday, October 6, 11:59 p.m.

October 7-13
Class Session #2: Thursday, October 13
Instruction: In class lecture
Assignment: Mid-Term Exam administered in class
October 14-20
Reading: Chapter 9, Informing Your Audience
Instruction: Video content
Assignment: Chapter 9 Quiz by Thursday, October 20, 11:59 p.m.

October 21-27
Reading: Chapter 10, Persuading Your Audience
Instruction: Video content
Assignment: Chapter 10 Quiz by Thursday, October 27, 11:59 p.m.

(if you don’t
want to do the last quiz on Thursday of Fall Break, take it
a day or two
October 28 – November 3
Class Session #3: Thursday, November 3
Instruction: In class lecture
Assignment: Informative Speeches delivered in class, Group A
November 4-10
Class Session #4: Thursday, November 10
Instruction: In class lecture
Assignment: Informative Speeches delivered in class, Group B
November 11-17
Class Session #5: Thursday, November 17
Reading: Chapter 11, Speaking on Special Occasions
Instruction: In class lecture
Assignment: Persuasive Speeches delivered in class, Group A
November 18-24
Thanksgiving Break: Monday-Friday, November 21-25
November 25 – December 1
Class Session #6: Thursday, December 1
Instruction: In class lecture
Assignment: Persuasive Speeches delivered in class, Group B
December 2-8
Class Session #7: Thursday, December 8
Instruction: In class lecture
Assignment: Special Occasion Speeches delivered in class
December 9-15
Class Session #8: See Final Exam Schedule
Instruction: In class lecture
Assignment: Impromptu Speeches delivered in class; Final Exam
administered in


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