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Colleges Challenges

Imad Benkhaled Monday January 27, 2014Overcoming The Limits After graduating from high school, comes the time for a student to leave his or herparent’s house and choose the place he or she will live in for at least five years. It goeswithout saying that it is not an easy decision to make. As a college student for the first year,you know that there will be challenges ahead. This is a year of transition for everyone. Thechallenges facing you as a student will exist in many areas, and you may feel that you will beunable to help yourself face to these challenges. Many believe that there are several reasonssupporting this thesis. In this essay, I will shed light on all the challenges that I have hadtowards the fact of being autonomous, manage stress, and having good grades at school. To begin with, when it comes to go to college, one has to become autonomousand self-reliant. Undoubtedly, this is very challenging. In fact, one has to learn how tomanage his or her life, to develop new habits and not to be dependent to others. Basically,one has to become a productive person, which means to turn into someone who can grow insociety in order to get new contacts. In this case, the person would be able to run clubs orlittle companies. In the meanwhile, one has to remain humble and spend time for friends. It isall about finding a compromise between being successful and being openhearted and open-handed. For example, when I came here, I did not find any hardness for being autonomousbecause I was already an independent person. My mom used to tell me “ imad, one day youwill have to go far away from here for your studies and there will be no mama or papa to helpyou! So you better count only on yourself! ”. Her words were in my minds during my firsthours in the US territory. I was supposed to come with my parent, but they refused to comewith me. I left my tears in the international…


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