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College Success

Dear Future College Success Students,
You will need several techniques to survive this class. Here are a few , always come prepared to class with your book and a writing utensil. Pay attention in class. You shouldn’t be socializing with others while the teacher is lecturing, you’ll miss out on key information. Always come into class with a positive attitude.
When I first saw this class on my schedule, I thought that it was going to be a waste of time. Once I started the class and realized this class is based on improving yourself and the techniques you use in life. It helps you juggle school and work properly . Professor Stallworth is an amazing teacher , she keeps it real with you . She is a strict teacher but she just wants to see all her students succeed in life. The textbook you get for the class is the most important book you’ll get in your first year of college. That book holds all the secrets you need to succeed in college and in life.
I’ve actually used many techniques from the textbook in my classes. My favorite would have to be the public speaking section, which I used all of the techniques in my speech class. Ever since I started using those techniques I’ve shown a huge improvement in speaking in front of the class.
You are constantly doing activities in class. My favorite activity has to be watching the video clips on people who grew up in harsh conditions but didn’t let that stop them from being successful.
Overall this class should be required for first time college students. It shows you how to balance school , work , and even kids. I guarantee that this class will help you tremendously.


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