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The new breakthrough of cloning is a great advance in biotechnology. The use of cloning
can be both beneficial and harmful to society. There are many reasonable ways to use the
methods of cloning. For instance, the use for medical purposes can be helpful in cases
such as producing animals with human body systems that could be used for transplanting
organs. It can be a valuable asset to our society in that way. It can be harmful if it is
opened for use in the general public because it could cause many problems if the wrong
people become involved with it. As stated in Times Magazine, this is a breakthrough in
technology and it is impossible for the government to forbid anyone to not use cloning. It
is a new law of nature that is being defied and the government cannot take that away.

In the field of medicine, cloning can be a very useful technique. It is not only just
being able to reproduce the genes, but to be able to transfer them and to study them. It
would be possible to study organs of the human body to learn how they can alter them to
cause them to regenerate after injury. Also, the ways of reproducing genes and copying
DNA could help in finding cures for certain diseases and disorders.

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Scientists can take DNA from healthy cells and copy it then inject it into an unhealthy cell
to cancel out the ?bad? genes.

I do not agree with the use of cloning for human purpose in order for parents to
?choose? their child. First, by reproducing characteristics that parents desire would foul
up the diversity of society. If everyone was able to choose what characteristics
his or her child would have, most people would opt for the characteristics of famous
people who are either extremely smart or who are incredibly good looking. The
generation of the ?clone people? would be so similar in ways of thinking and in personality
and the world would become a very boring place, if that were the case. Besides the world
becoming very boring, there are other factors to consider. The replication and copying of
DNA can sometimes cause damage to the genetic code. In this case, it is possible for
genetic disorders arise. If a sample of DNA is taken from a younger person to copy, that
person could be carrying a code for some sort of disorder whose symptoms would not
show until later in the person’s life. Therefore, the exact code that would be copied to
make another human carries that disorder.

I think the new breakthrough is very interesting and has many unanswered
questions.. There are many things that need to be sorted out such as who can use cloning
and how it will be controlled so it does not cause problems. It would be terrible to see
such a great breakthrough be abused by the wrong people.


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