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Stephany Kendrick
Research paper due 12-6-12 The developmentally needs for a child to develop normally in society, comes from whom is around the child. One of the first things learned when an infant is eating. When an infant learns to eat it is taught by mother or father, but as the child gets older the parents need to go to work outside of the house and have help from others around them to care for the children. Whether, the care is from maybe daycare or family members or a nanny. Children are like sponges and they absorb what habits are around them. Parents have to decide if they want their child exposed to the dangers and benefits of daycare or a nanny, if the parents choose to work away from home. This gives the child opportunity to have bonds with other people whom care for them and love them. Nannies can have a closer bond with the child then daycare could, and having a nanny makes your child less exposed to sickness and difficulties of daycare. Once the parents have decided what care they would like to receive then they have the task of finding a caring person to come to their home or a nice daycare to drop their child to. Choosing can be difficult each daycare has different options and high prices. The price of child care has been on the rise, this can bring more problems into the household that has effects on the child. Children have different developmental stages that they go threw to get to be able to mature as an adult. Citations:Greenberg, S. H., & Springen, K. (2000). Back to Day Care. Newsweek, 136(16), 61.
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