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Child Behavior

Barri Ayoub
Baker College
January 28, 2014Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago
There are many factors that come along with the reason behind “bad” behavior. Some may not agree to my personal opinions or findings and this is why I have chosen this topic. “Yes”! Children do have worse behavior without a doubt than they did years ago, because children these days have access to electronic devices, phones, social media, Youtube and other things that we did not have when we were growing up. My focus is not to draw attention to just the “bad” behaviors of a child but to bring knowledge and reason to the underlying principles of a child’s behavior.
You walk into a store and a child is screaming and crying and the parent is trying to “hush” the child. Most of us would automatically assume that this child has “bad” behavior, is spoiled, or the child is hungry, sick, or tired. Whatever may be the reason or situation, it should be left upon the parent to discipline their child/children. Some behaviors are age appropriate and should be expected. Others may be because the child is use to getting his/her way or due to a mental disability or syndrome such as Autism. It is very important to discuss these issues with your doctor to rule out any mental issues.
An article Titled “Behavioral Problems in Children” was written by Kristen Fowler. She talked about Normal Development, Problem Behavior, and Behavioral Disorders. She writes that “every child goes through periods of misbehavior and acting out, that Normal development requires that kids go through stages such as this to allow them to find their own identity and gain independence”. I do believe that her facts are true about Normal behavior, what do you think Kristen also wrote that “some kids begin to express behaviors beyond the normal acting out, like physically, emotionally or legally engaging in behaviors that are dangerous to others which are signs to seek help. Your…


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