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Poor Little Millionaire Clarissa lives in an enormous house in a landed property. Every morning she wakes up at five thirty to start her chores around the house. After feeding animals in the farm, she takes a shower and gets ready to school. Although she is only sixteen years old, she is more responsible than her two older brothers. They always are showing off what they have got, cars, money. They also care more about their appearance than anybody Clarissa has ever met. In school, Clarissa is an outstanding student, but she only has one friend, Natalie.

They have known each other since Clarissa moved to the town four years ago. Natalie is the only person in school that does not look down or laugh at her because of her house or clothes. Clarissa’s house looks archaic on the outside, but what people rarely get to see is the inside of the house. It is one of the most beautiful, modern homes in the town. Likewise, she does not wear stylish clothes because she thinks that there are more important details to care about in her life than her appearance.

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Even though Clarissa whishes to have true friends to talk to, she will keep her family’s fortune as a secret. Otherwise, people would look for her only interested only in money. In such situations, she regrets having moved from her last town. She could not forget the conditions under which her family lived four years ago. She was mature enough to understand. Lettie, Clarissa’s mom, was fired from her job and desperately needed to get another job to support her children. Incredibly, they were told they were the heirs to their grandfather’s fortune.

Clarissa did not even know she had a grandfather until one month before he passed away. However, she was thankful to him because he saved her family from poverty. Since then, they had nothing to worry about or at least this was what they believed. The only condition to keep the inheritance was to take care of the animals and lands the grandfather loved. At the beginning, Clarissa detested the smell of the farm, specially chickens and horses, and working under the sun in the summer. Little by little, she learned more about them and realized they could be the most awesome pets.

She even named a chick Rocky who is considered a member of the family. In contrast, her brothers chose to leave home to avoid working hard. Trying to get more people around her, Clarissa suffered humiliations. As a result, she gave up the pursuit of false friends. Now she knows that there are more qualities to look for in an individual than money or any other benefit someone could get from him. Moreover, she learned to enjoy living her life and smile. Even when you have no reason to do it.


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