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Cats in the Cradle Song Analysis

Cats in the Cradle Song Analysis Ever hear a song and you instantly know you are going to love it? The song vibrates through your body? (and no I don’t mean by vibrate through your body by the music turned up to one million. ) when picking a song to present in class, it needed to provide meaningful lyrics, fantastic imagery, and a rhythm that makes people tap their feet. The song “Cats in the cradle,” was perfect. Cats in the cradle was introduced into the world of music in 19. Its is written and sung by Harry Chapin.

He had adopted the idea from his wife’s,,poems about her ex husbands and how they treated her children. This song is about a heart wrenching story about a father who does not spend quality time with his son. His son is constantly trying to connect with his father, but alas the father is always gone or too busy. As the song continues, the boy starts growing in to a man and when the father finally wants to start be with him, the son can’t. The son has grown up and has a family of his own. Music and lyrics are very much like poems; they tie into language.

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In the song cats in the cradle the song provides different examples of English rhetoric. For instance, in the stanzas “Cats in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man in the moon” are things that children would do. Cats in the cradle was a string trick you did with your hands and the silver spoon, little boy blue, and man in the moon are old nursery rhymes parents read to their children. It provides irony because the father did not spend time with his son, the son never had the chance to do it with his dad.

In the stanza, “I’m gonna be like him yea, you know I’m gonna be just like him,” it portrays a sense of irony because the father isn’t being a good dad; the son is inspired to be just like his dad. This song has been played throughout my entire life(literally and metaphorically). I chose this song because my father was not a huge part of my life. He left when I was seven years old, my brother six, and my sister three. My mom had taken care of the three of us, including my brother’s chaotic autistic years, my emotional times, and grace’s troublesome times.

My mom had introduced this song to us, Cameron it doesn’t seem to effect, but my sister and I sometimes cry to this song because of how sad the story and yet how true. I would think how even though my father has children he doesn’t spend time with them, why? My thoughts would buzz around my head thinking he didn’t like us or maybe he had wanted better children, but it would upset me because one day us kids are going to be like the son and not have enough time for the father, then we would also be doing wrong. Cats in the cradle,” is and will always be close to my heart and anyone who faces the world without much of a father figure. It is not a new song with its futuristic beats or mixed in sounds, it is simple. Sometimes we shouldn’t overcomplicate whats important because in the long run family is the most important in life. They will be there for you even when you are being a ding dong. Cherish what you have because some day it will be gone, but the fun is to enjoy it now because isn’t that how every human lives?


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