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Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality 1 Marriage Equality Walter Boothe Jr. Axia College at The University of Phoenix Marriage Equality 2 Same sex marriage has become a highly debated topic in America. In the year 2008, two events occurred in the state of California that made this subject a key issue in the . . . Read more

Role of Pharmacist

Role of Pharmacist Introduction Pharmacist deal with medicines all the time. They help to select them, also in the management of self limiting illness, and dispense them on physician’s prescription. How can the pharmacist more fully contribute to patient care? Apart from very local or national attempts in different countries . . . Read more

Statistical Performance Analysis of Complete and Incomplete Block Designs: a Comparison of Rcbd, Lattice and Alpha Lattice Designs Under a Sari Field Conditions

Statistical Performance Analysis of Complete and Incomplete Block Designs: a Comparison of RCBD, Lattice Design and Alpha-Lattice Designs under SARI Field Conditions By Ashenafi Abebe A Thesis Submitted to the Department of Statistics, School of Graduate Studies, College of Natural Science, Jimma University In Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements of . . . Read more

Computation of the Fractional Fourier Transform

Preprint, February 1, 2004 1 Computation of the Fractional Fourier Transform Adhemar Bultheel and H? ctor E. Mart? e ? nez Sulbaran 1 Dept. of Computer Science, Celestijnenlaan 200A, B-3001 Leuven Abstract In this note we make a critical comparison of some matlab programs for the digital computation of the . . . Read more

Fdi Strategies in European Emerging Markets

FDI strategies in European emerging markets The impact of host-country developments on post-formation FDI strategies Maastricht University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration International Business, Strategy & Innovation Document: Thesis report Date: Author: Supervisor: Amsterdam, March 14th, 2009 H. W. A. Canisius (i464635) Mr. W. Swaan FDI strategies in European . . . Read more

Mind Map

Abstract One cannot begin to digest the dichotomy of public administration without first examining a theorist at the forefront of the field, Woodrow Wilson. Wilson along with civil servants promoted civil service reform in 1880. This catapulted the field of public administration into scholastics. Woodrow Wilson stated that, “Our own . . . Read more


Gottlob Frege Profile: Born: 8 Nov 1848 in Wismar, Mecklenburg-Schwerin (now Germany) Died: 26 July 1925 in Bad Kleinen, Germany Professional Input Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege (1848-1925) was a German mathematician, logician, and philosopher who worked at the University of Jena. Frege essentially reconceived the discipline of logic by constructing . . . Read more


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