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Plagiarism: Academic Publishing and Potassium Ions

Avoiding plagiarism, self-plagiarism, and other questionable writing practices: A guide to ethical writing Miguel Roig, Ph. D. First on-line version published in September, 2003 Revised on-line version published in August, 2006 http://facpub. stjohns. edu/~roigm/plagiarism/Index. html Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions to Miguel Roig, Ph. D. In recognizing the . . . Read more

Com/156 Week 4 Assignment

Should the government hold us responsible for the behavior and educational success of our kids? Thesis Statement Brian Warren You see a child or a teenager trying to break into a car, and you ask yourself, why are they doing that and where are the parents. Every year you hear . . . Read more

Law and Morality

THE LINK BETWEEN LAW AND MORALITY Morality can be described as a set of values common to society, which are normative, specifying the correct course of action in a situation and the limits of what society considers acceptable. Law on the other hand according to Osborn’s Concise Law Dictionary is . . . Read more

Lamb to the Slaughter

This short-story written by Roald Dahl is about a woman – Mary Maloney – who murders her husband with a leg of lamb. It’s really interesting to read, since it shows us, how a crucial decision in a situation like this can lead to spontaneous life altering decisions. This story . . . Read more

All About Peace Education

ALL ABOUT PEACE EDUCATION *Dr. Ajay Kumar Attri, Lecturer; Department of Education, MLSM College ; Sundernagar; Mandi (H. P) ? INTRODUCTION: Education shall be directed toward the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance . . . Read more


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