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Rubrics For Research Papers

The writer provides concluding remarks that show analysis and synthesis of ideas. The topic is focused narrowly enough for the cope of this assignment. A thesis statement provides direction for the paper, either by statement of a position or hypothesis. In-depth discussion & elaboration in all sections of the paper. . . . Read more

Sample research paper

Unlike other company rules, however, Internet usage policies ofteninclude language authorizing companies to secretly monitor theiremployees, a practice that raises questions about rights in theworkplace. Annotation. Thesis asserts Orlov’s main point. Although companies often have legitimate concernsthat lead them to monitor employees’ Internet usage”from expensive security breaches to reduced productivity”the . . . Read more

Chemical and Biological Warfare

Native Americans Conclusion A. Restate Thesis Statement B. Restate Arguments McDonald 3 C. Final Arguments McDonald 4 Over the years chemical and biological weapons have become more and moor effective. Their main use was in the World Wars. The Germans discovered the weapon known as mustard gas. Mustard gas was . . . Read more

Outlining an Essay tips

Limit the number of major subjects in your outline; you don’t want it to become a laundry list. Indenting indicates that ideas are becoming more specific; ideas that are equally specific should be at equal levels. Be flexible! Don’t be afraid to change your outline as you write. Sample Outline: . . . Read more

Citizenship And Participation

This unit ties together the ideas of individual rights and civil rights that is protected by the Constitution. In the first task of this unit activity, you will explore individual rights in more depth and examine how these rights can sometimes be at odds with protecting the good of all . . . Read more

Praise: Sentence and Thesis Statement

I. Introductory Paragraph A. An opening sentence that gives the readers selection’s title and author and begins to answer the first part of the topic: In the essay “ In Praise of Margins” Ian Frazier describes the values of marginal activities and places. B. Main points to include in the . . . Read more

Serendipity in Science

Serendipity – Accidental Discoveries in Science ABSTRACT Serendipity means the faculty of making fortunate and unexpected discoveries by accidents. Penicillin, X-ray, Viagra, Teflon are common examples known as accidental discoveries in science. The stories of these discoveries are interesting and meaningful. X-ray for medical diagnosis and treatment, miracle drug penicillin, . . . Read more

Canadian Women Essay

• BETWEEN THE UNES: THE REPRESENTATION OF CANADIAN WOMEN IN ENGUSH-LANGUAGE NOVELS WRIITEN BV WOMEN IN THE 1930S Ann Gossage Department of History McGiII University, Montreal March,1996 A Thesis submitted to the Facult) of Graduate Studies and Research ln partial fulfilment of the requiremern of the degree of Master of . . . Read more


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