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Mr Nishant

Changing Socio-economic Norms and its Impact on India’s Armed ForcesNitin A. Gokhale*The Indian Army remains rooted in an outdated, British-inherited system that is struggling to cope with the combination of challenges posed by demands of modern warfare and a society that is undergoing a great churn. The greatest challenge has . . . Read more

Malaysia Trade Challenge

Malaysian International Trade Challenge Workshop 2012 On 20 April morning, YE members of SMK Damansara Utama gathered at their school for an eventful day. Once all the students arrived, they rode the bus to their much awaited destination of the day – Global Business Park –to attend FedEx Express/Junior Achievement . . . Read more


Dia duit! I’m here today to brief you all on a culture that I’d be more than happy to claim as my own. My ancestors stem from this great little section of the British Isles, and I hope to have the chance to one day walk where they walked. Can . . . Read more


Reading chapters one through three of The Public speaking Handbook, we learn that public speaking is an art form that can empower one to go beyond the normal means of just reading a speech. It brings forth the ability to GIVE a speech. Public speaking is a form of communication . . . Read more

Margaret Thaler Singer

Margaret Thaler SingerMargaret Singer was born on July 29, 1921 in Denver, CO. Her father was the chief engineer at the city’s U.S. Mint. She was an accomplished cellist as a young woman. She played with the Denver Civic Symphony while attending University of Denver. She first received an undergraduate . . . Read more

The Great Gatsby: Chapters 5 & 6 Journal

The Great Gatsby: Chapters 5 & 6 Journal In chapters five and six of The Great Gatsby, we see a lot of interaction between Gatsby and Daisy, mainly their reunion/meeting. In chapter five, Gatsby has Nick’s house decorated and fixed up for the tea party that Daisy will be attending. . . . Read more

Oliver Twist

Document prepare pourcecile clavilier teaches at college La nacelle, corbeil-essonnes (91). she is also a teacher trainer and a regular contributor to new standpoints.oliver twistteacHer’s PaGe IntroductIonobjectIvesVictorian society — DickensworksheetLower intermediateLower intermediateThe year 2012 is the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens’s birth. Not only was Dickens a brilliant storyteller, but . . . Read more


Could it be Craziness William Shakespeare, author of Hamlet acts upon his feelings, meaning he uses words to portray his uncertainty of actions and inability to decide how to cope with the problems in his face. Shakespeare makes this obvious in his figurative language and plot throughout the play. Metaphors . . . Read more

The dream lives on

The Dream Lives OnFreedom, the quality or state of being free, especially political and civil liberties and Discrimination, unfair treatment of a person, racial group, minority, etc; action based on prejudice. Both concepts have been present since the existence of historic records, either being for the color of your skin, . . . Read more


“Propaganda has so broad a meaning that it is almost impossible to define on the basis of specific literary values that may be recognized in traditional literary forms like the sermon, treatise, or tract. Historical contexts are critical in understanding what propaganda is, what its uses are, and how it is perceived . . . Read more


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