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Cyber bullying and online harassment has become a large problem among the youth of the digital generation. With the pervasion of online social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace in modern culture, adolescents have been able to find a great many new and creative ways to make each other, and . . . Read more

drinking and driving

Drinking and DrivingIn society drinking and driving has become a very serious issue. Even though there is no easy or simple solution, there is still ways to teach kids the dangers and persuade them not to drink and drive. The trouble with alcohol is that most people do not truly . . . Read more


Macey VarneyApril DierksEnglish Composition 1December 3, 2013ObamacareThe great thing about America is our freedom of speech and knowing that there are options for many things. Of course there are laws to keep everything running smoothly, but sometimes boundaries are crossed. Congress and the president crossed major boundaries with the new . . . Read more

American Dream

“I am a citizen. I’m allowed to stand on AMERICAN GROUNDS and ask any questions I want to ask.” – Unknown. We are all American citizens and there are many things that we stand for and that need to change. We want social mobility, liberty, freedom of speech, religion, and . . . Read more

Economic Speech

Hello ladies and gentlemen, do you know what the national debt is? It’s a approximately $17 trillion dollars and it keeps growing by $2.7 billion dollars a day. That’s outrageous! Don’t you think? And there seems like there is no way of stopping it but I have three potential solutions . . . Read more

Terrorism Interview Speech English Foa Ib

Q1. Before you start your usual speech against Muslim discrimination, I would like to bring to your notice that recently 2 Muslims were executed yesterday for attempting to bomb some cities in the USA. Now, the higher authorities are not letting Muslims enter our country and are considering killing all . . . Read more

The Morning

• A formal essay has an opening paragraph that tells the reader what you’re going to tell him. It has at least 3 paragraphs to elaborate on what you said in the opening paragraph. Then it has a closing paragraph which summarizes what you’ve said. A formal essay never uses . . . Read more

My Intro

William Faulkner officially earned the Nobel Prize in Literature for the year 1949, but he did not receive it until the following year, because the Nobel Prize committee could not reach a consensus in 1949. Hence, two Nobel prizes were awarded in 1950, for the prior year and for the . . . Read more

Phonebloks speech

Its a sunday morning, you’re rushing out to the university for your morning class. suddenly your phone rings in your bag while you’re trying to get in the car. You whip it out, but then its slips right out of you hand and BAM!! It falls right on the floor, . . . Read more

Summary of Washington’s Farewell Address

One may assume that George Washington’s Farewell Address was a speech given nearing the end of his term in office as the First President. This however, would be an incorrect assumption. Washington, prepared his message to “Friends and Fellow-Citizens,” which has become known as George Washington’s Farewell Speech. Washington’s message . . . Read more


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