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Black Money Minus Corruption Is Benign

Black Money Minus Corruption is Benign: Counter PointSuddenly, it has become fashionable in India to talk about black money and behave as if it is the root cause of all problems and we all will become prosperous no sooner black money is put to tax net within the control of . . . Read more


ReflectionsCV/ Cover LetterMy task was to write a cover letter and CV for a job application to help me when applying for university placements. Writing a CV and cover letter I assumed would be easy; I had done it before for minor part time jobs and knew what it should . . . Read more

Formal letter

65 Asperger roadHanger laneKentDA6 4BU5 December 2011Customer Relations officerVirgin Atlantic- Customer RelationsPO Box 747DunstableLU6 9AHDear Sir/MadamRe- Letter of ComplaintI have been a long time customer of your airline for five years, and I have never had anycause tomake a complaint about any of your services, but sadly, I recently had . . . Read more

Dbq on Slavery

The scope and attitude of people toward the institution of slavery in the world from the beginning civilization to the dawn of modern times were various views. Some of the views came from people who accepted it and some came from great sources that did not accept it. But there . . . Read more

Scholarship essays

Dead Poets Society takes place at Welton Academy. Mr. Keating, a former student at Welton, becomes the new teacher of a poetry class. Mr. Keating’s way of teaching was a little different than the traditional way of teaching. His teaching involved having fun and physical activity. It does not go . . . Read more

eth 125 final

Final Exam-ETH/125 Multiple Choice (65 questions – 100 points total possible) Choose the most correct answer. Where there is a conflict, the text is the final source. Please write letter next to number. Part A: (Weeks 1 -3 ) ___D__1 .A subordinate group whose members have significantly less control or . . . Read more


RealismRealism is a literary movement that attempts to describe life without idealization or romantic subjectivity. Although realism cannot be precisely timed or limited to any period, it is most often associated with a movement in 19th-century France (approximately 1840-1890). The term “realism,” which was originally used by the thirteenth-century scholastics . . . Read more


Marrese BradleyProfessor ErsinghausSurvey of Literary Genres15 April 2014Analysis of “Bartleby the Scrivener” This story, is about a successful lawyer, in need of assistance, who hires a new scrivener to join his small firm. Enter Bartleby, a quiet, initially efficient, anti-social little man. Bartleby proceeds to work well as a copyist, . . . Read more

Letter of Complaint

CAPSam Ex a c t i cePrBe  10 rad Gk o o  Grade  10           LIFE  SCIENCES     PRACTICE  TEST  ONE     Marks:  75  QUESTION  1     Various  possible  answers  are  provided  for  each  question.  W rite  only  the  letter  of  the  correct . . . Read more


Essay 7-1 In Plato’s Crito, Crito attempts to persuade Socrates to flee from his death sentence. However, Crito fails because Socrates presents a counter argument, which invalidates much of Crito’s original pleas. Despite this, a fallacy of justice may have been created. Even so, the Republic’s conception of justice seems . . . Read more


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