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Steven Richards’s assessment 2_07A description of the three topics, concepts, or theories you learned about in the module that you consider most importantAn explanation of how you can apply what you’ve learned about each of these three concepts to your own lifeAt least one paragraph for each topic, for a . . . Read more

Bio Report

Gallstone are small, hard deposits that form in the gallbladder, a sac-like organ that lies under the liver in the upper right side of the abdomen. The gallbladder serves as a reservoir until bile is needed in the small intestine to digest fats and it helps the body to neutralize . . . Read more


I’m not sure why I’m writing this down on paper and not on my computer. I guess I’ve just noticed some odd things. It’s not that I don’t trust the computer… I just… need to organize my thoughts. I need to get down all the details somewhere objective, somewhere I . . . Read more


Lost PropertyI allowed my hand to rest against the bulge of the Cobra Patriot 9 mm in my trouser pocket, to reassure myself that it was still there. A superb little weapon: light, accurate, deadly – and completely reliable. I could fire it without taking it out of my pocket. . . . Read more

the great gatsby

Destiney BeltCP English 11Mrs. Lucas May 15, 2014The Great Gatsby Throughout the entire story of The Great Gatsby Nick talks about Daisy’s need and desire for money. Daisy has become so accustomed to getting and living however she wants. Though she is married to Tom she does not love him. . . . Read more

Importance of Enzymes

The Importance of enzymes Enzymes are essential for the maintenance of life in both plants and animals and can also be manipulated for particular use by humans. They are specific globular proteins, meaning they act on a particular substrate and they work best at their “optimum” temperature and pH. Enzymes . . . Read more

Evolution vs. Creation

Evolution vs. CreationBiology Week 3Dr. Jack LazareMarch 11, 2014For thousands of years, humans have tried to explain the existence of our race on this planet. According to the Egyptians, the sun god, Ra came and created all other gods to rule over the newly created earth. Greeks believed many gods . . . Read more

Dedicated Server Hosting- a Short Summary

As your web site grows, it’s quite common for these web site homeowners to setup their own dedicated hosting net server. Larger websites tend to use a lot of resources, like information measure and server electronic equipment, that shared hosting platforms are not ready to give. except for further resources, . . . Read more


Thai Culture and Buddhist TraditionsThailand is a very friendly, beautiful, and religious country. Throughout history, the region of Thailand has also been known as Siam. Today, Thailand is a popular tourist destination in the heart of South East Asia. Thailand is a leading manufacturer of electronics. Many women work in . . . Read more

Capitalism in America

Human nature has been a topic philosophers and commoners alike have debated since before Plato’s time. Despite this, no definitive conclusion has been reached, to this day. Is this so unexpected? The qualities and intricacies of human nature have defied rational explanations, simply because it is intrinsically impossible to define . . . Read more